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Providing to you the most direct teachings to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Our goal is simple: To create a conscious world, grounded in Being - Turning away from suffering, towards peace, harmony, and selflessness.

Furthermore, to shed clarity onto the path of spirituality, keeping it inherently simple. We help people who wish to be free of the dysfunctional state of mind identification by providing a step-by-step blueprint for diving deeply into Self-discovery.

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"How To Dissolve Mind Identification & Return To Peace Through Self-Inquiry."

-Refine and deepen your Self-inquiry practice.
-End attachment to constant thinking and be free from fear & anxiety.
-Recognize your essential Self beyond personal identity.
-Establish your sense of self in Being.

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Our 3 Main Principles


Understand the teaching with great clarity and keep the practice utterly simple.


Implement the teaching. Integrate the intellectual understanding into experience.


Remain truly consistent with the teaching while keeping it fresh, free of mental obstacles.

What PMQ Students Are Saying

How Jacqueline Transcended Her Endless Emotional Healing Journey

How Bez Became Free Of Excessive Overthinking & Emotional Reactiveness

“I am so grateful and thankful that I joined this program and thankful to Sunny for creating it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their spirituality to the next level and to keep it growing.

I’ve paid for lot of courses but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been the most impactful in my life.

This takes you deeper than any other process...When you stick with this teaching, it is one of the most powerful things that you can ever bring into your life.

Scott Enslin

United States.

“The biggest difference that I feel in my life is the amount of peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction that I feel on a day to day basis.

After his program I now find that I move through my life with a lot more ease, with a lot more flow; just a feeling of being okay regardless of what happens.

Because internally I feel differently, I've made a lot of changes in my external life as well and the results have been surprisingly positive. Life feels like an adventure again.”

Taryn Nightingale

South Africa

“I’m more at peace than ever before. Negative thoughts are melting away and I'm gaining more emotional mastery and control over my thoughts.

Im seeing great results and my vibration is rising on a daily basis as I am becoming more and more consciously aware. If you want to grow spiritually, this is the program. This is the man you want to work with. 

I love working with Sunny. He takes you straight to where you need to go. No spiritual entertainment, no gimmicks, it's straight to the point.

Maiki Ling


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Join me in an intimate group setting as we explore deeply, the fundamental teachings of Personal Mastery Quest.

This live event will be rooted in experience rather than philosophy or intellectualization. It offers a unique opportunity to attend a personal session with me from the comfort of your own home.

It is ideal for anyone looking to gain clarity on the Acceptance & Self-inquiry teachings, dissolving mental obstacles to the practice.

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