How To Control The Monkey Mind For Easier Access To Creativity And Intuition.

Think of this lake as the mind. Each little wave within the lake represents a thought. Throughout the day, the lake is full of these waves, sometimes large, sometimes small. The waves remain active. 

Now try to remember a time that you saw a lake completely still, no waves, no movement. Just pure stillness.

If you were to throw a stone into that lake, even the tiniest pebble would create a noticeable ripple effect. 

If you were to throw that same stone in a turbulent lake full of waves, it would go completely unnoticed.

That is the way our mind works. Being able to notice that ripple effect is one of the primary goals of meditation. The stone in this metaphor represents a intuition influenced by our Self(Infinite intelligence, pure imagination).

Our mind is made up of thoughts which are always active and always moving from one to another. At times, our mind is very turbulent and at other times it can be very calm and still.

All of us have the same equal power to receive great ideas and intuitions. These thoughts and ideas come to us daily.

However, most of these intuitions go unnoticed when the mind is turbulent, moving from one thought to another.

Daily practice of meditation stills the mind little by little, so that these genius intuitions which come to us from our subconscious mind can be noticed by our conscious mind. 

But as long as the mind is uncontrolled, racing from one socially conditioned thought to another, it will remain turbulent. Having a turbulent mind brings unnecessary difficulty to our lives. It becomes increasingly difficult for us to pick up the little genius thought vibrations that are coming to us from the source of pure imagination.

Therefore, we must strive to meditate for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday to still the lake that is our mind. We must do ourselves this favor so we can notice the Self-inspired intuitions that come to us in small waves every single day.

We must strive everyday to still the mind little by little so we can feel the joy which is embedded within the peace that is available to each and every one of us on this planet. We must tap into this power and take control of our lives. 


Written by Sunny Sharma


June 10, 2017

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