Steven Pressfield’s Trilogy. 3 Must Reads For Any Artist Or Entrepreneur

Steven Pressfield’s novel trilogy consisting of “The War of Art,” “Do The Work,” and Turning Pro” are absolute essentials for any artist or entrepreneur striving for success in their field. Whether you are a twenty year old writer beginning his journey or a forty five year old divorced father of two struggling to start a new business, these three books will help you assemble the confidence you need and will reassure you that you are worthy of translating your wildest ideas into reality.

Let’s start with “Do the Work.”

This book prompts you to action. Throughout the first section of the book, Pressfield explains that most genius ideas never come to fruition because people wait for the correct time to get started but in reality, there is no right moment. He emphasizes that you must start NOW. Not when you think you are prepared, not when you think you will be finally stable enough, not when you gain the support of your friends and family..Start it NOW, regardless of if you’re ready or not. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have it all figured out when he founded Facebook, Bill Gates didn’t have all the kinks worked out when he started Microsoft, but they acted on their ideas and figured the rest out as they went on. It will always be figured out along the way as you progress but none of it will happen if you don’t act now.

This book lays out the whole process of creation, from the conception of an idea, to initial action, then to stages of early success, development crises, and finally to the completion of the project. Pressfield creates a wonderful guide by walking you through these stages and explains the thought process behind every stage and the correct mindset you must carry from the beginning to the completion of your project. Another aspect of this book I loved was that it assures you that the positive voice inside your head is the one that matters and the rest is just unnecessary chatter which should be disregarded and ignored.

Let’s move on to Turning Pro

What this book does well is that it states the major differences between the amateur and the professional. The differences in mindset, attitude, purpose, demeanor, daily habits, and the disciple between the two types of people are explained very well. In my opinion, this book is the third best out of the three, but it does include some good insights. It’s mainly important to help you build the correct mindset and it introduces to you the type of struggle often experienced as an artist or entrepreneur. Pressfield also explains that the intention behind your work is perhaps the most important thing.


Lastly, The War of Art

The War of Art is hands down the most impactful out of the three. This one is actually one of my favorite books that I hold to be pivotal in my life. I learned a lot from this one. Pressfield spends a good amount of time introducing resistance, which is the sole enemy of any artist or entrepreneur. It is an enemy that originates from within, it takes many forms, and is constantly striving to hold us back from realizing our actual higher Self. It aims to prohibit us from bringing any of our ideas into manifestation. Resistance is the personified version of that force within us that keeps us from being ourselves. It wants things to stay the way they are; it doesn’t like progression and it absolutely hates creation of any kind.


The third part of this book is perhaps the most eye opening because Pressfield attempts to explain the source of all creation and imagination, how we are connected to this source, and how we can better access this source by implementing daily habits and discipline. Its pure spiritual energy smacking you in the face and showing you that all creation isn’t a product of you as a physical being but instead a higher Self which you have access to; which everyone has access to. The writing intends to prompt you to action saying that you have a purpose here in this world and that you must pursue the ideas which the universe is communicating to you. It explains that you must act upon these ideas so you can grow to realize your actual self and contribute your individual talent to this world. Pressfield even goes as far as stating that if you sell out to chase money or social acceptance and don’t pursue the person you are meant to be due to the fear of failing, you are depriving the world of your contribution and negatively impacting everyone on this planet including yourself.

June 11, 2017

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