7 Habits To Gain Clarity & Increase Productivity

1) Wake Up Early: Waking up at 6AM should be the goal. If you can do 5AM, that’s even better but definitely no later than 7AM. Treat daylight as precious time because that is when work gets done and goals are met. Make the most of your day by waking up early.

2) Learn To Give: Most of us are always hung up on advancing our own personal agendas and in thought about what the world can do for us. Yet, we forget to realize that everything in this world is active in a constant exchange with the rest of the universe. The act of receiving begins by giving. Learn to do random acts of kindness even for people you don’t know personally. Do it with the pure intent of wanting to help, even if it may just be a blessing wishing them good health and happiness in the future.

3) Read More BooksCountless people have lived before us and have gone through similar struggles that we might be going through right now…and they have triumphed. To help people like us who seek answers, they have written all about their struggles and how they confronted and overcame them. With the single intention of helping people living after them to not make the same mistakes as they did, they have written these books. Our path to success becomes significantly easier once we understand the wisdom offered in these success stories. All these books are out there for us to enjoy and to make our lives easier. Use this to your advantage and pick up a book.

4) Exercise For At Least 30 Minutes Per Day: This is extremely important and the sooner we realize this, the more impact we are able to make on our well-being. Exercise releases beneficial endorphins and repairs cells damaged by stress to promote overall physical and mental fitness. We only get one body in our lifetime and we need to take good care of it in order to do the things we enjoy. Money, success, and fame mean absolutely nothing if we don’t have the support of our body.

5) Eat The Right Things: This goes hand in hand with exercise. Eating well propels our fitness goals and facilitates the maintenance of our body. This means taking the right supplements, eating the foods that are good for you, and avoiding the ones with excess sugar, fat etc. You generally know what is good for you and what isn’t. Use your best judgement. Help yourself by implementing healthy eating habits in your daily routine.

6) Implement Social Media-Free Hours: I am not against social media at all. I love what it has done for the world and I use it daily. But, it goes without saying that it has its downsides too. And in my opinion the biggest downside of social media is that it urges us of its constant use. We get lost in a world of likes and comments and get so consumed in pursuits which bring us no long-term happiness or fulfillment. In order to battle this, arrange at least about 30 minutes a day(longer if you can) and logout of all your social media accounts to ease your mind and to enjoy what is happening in front of you in the present.

7) Spend At Least 30 Minutes In Stillness: Most of the thoughts we experience throughout the day are socially conditioned by the people, places, circumstances, and advertisements around us. Taking about 30 minutes a day and just sitting alone without any  TV, phone, books, or any other media outlet, forces us to listen to the voice embedded deep within us. It urges us to answer the important questions that arise when all the friends, family, work problems, and social media likes aren’t distracting our mind. When we still our mind, we have an easier time connecting with the tiny intuitions and genius ideas which come to us everyday.


Written by Sunny Sharma

June 17, 2017

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