Take Control Of Your Life. Read “Think And Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, is considered by many to be the book that inspired a lot of the success stories we hear about today. So many people have been impacted by this book if not directly, then through the influence of someone else who has read it. It is revolutionary for the following reason.

It deconstructs the science of success. Once a person reads this book and truly understands the message embedded within every chapter, no longer is success a component of luck, and neither is it the sole result of good ol’ hard work. This brings success in the reach of every person no matter how rich or poor. Hill states step by step, what you need to do in order to achieve the fulfillment of all of your desires.

Listed below are some key ideas from this book which are life-changing.

1) Every dream matters and we have control over our own destiny. Whether it’s a promotion at work, six-pack abs, success in a new business, or a fancy new car, we possess the ability to speed up the manifestation of these desires in our lives.

2) Success doesn’t happen by chance. The ones we perceive to be successful in their craft aren’t lucky. Instead, they make their own luck through the law of attraction and auto-suggestion in combination with their unwillingness to give up.

3) Auto-suggestion and the law of attraction serve an important purpose in life. We can positively manipulate our reality by using them to our advantage.

4) Anything that we can conceive to be possible is possible. All it takes is unrelenting faith in our own ability despite all the struggle and criticism.

5) We must act now and stop waiting for the perfect circumstances to occur. There is no such thing as “the right moment.” Reading books to acquire knowledge is useless if we do not act upon that knowledge.

6) Each one of the thoughts we experience is a vibration. Our brain is the transmitting and receiving station for these vibrations. Because of this power, all humans are connected and have access to infinite intelligence which is the source of pure imagination.

Reading “Think and Grow Rich” is the perfect start for any individual looking to create positive change in his or her life. Even today, 80 years after it was written, it continues to be relevant by being the catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. It serves to ignite the spark that many of us need to build a life we dream about. So, if you still haven’t read this masterpiece, pick up a copy today.


Written by Sunny Sharma

June 19, 2017

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