How To Increase Productivity By Manipulating The Apps On Your Phone

Phones are great, They help us stay connected, capture moments, wake up on time, track our movements, and access the internet. But, they are also HUGE distractions.

Here’s how to tackle this problem and prevent finding yourself browsing the popular page on Instagram when realizing that you went on your phone to set an event on your calendar.

Reorganize your applications in a manner that is least distracting.

The truth is, we are addicted to the instant gratification that social media brings us. This is why every time we unlock our phone, we feel compelled to click on apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook right away. Additionally, this feeling becomes even more severe if you see the red notifications on any of these apps.

Here is how I recently organized my apps to ensure that I don’t end up on social media when I am supposed to be doing work.

This is my first page of apps. Notice how most of the apps on this page are productivity based in addition to music and messenger apps. I did this to make sure that every time I unlock my phone to research something, or check the weather, I am not directly tempted to go on any of my social media apps.

The second page is basically all the other apps on my phone. Sidenote: It can be useful to group apps based on their utility to prevent having to scroll through 6 pages of apps to find the one you need.

Lastly we get to the third page. As you can see, all my social media apps are sitting in a lonely folder which is all by itself far away from any productivity based apps. This is the solution. First, having these apps on the third page requires additional effort to get to. Therefore, you become more conscious of your actions as you scroll through to find them and it becomes easier to regulate social media use. Second, having them on a page far from any other app ensures that you will not be subconsciously compelled to open any of them while browsing for other apps.

Additionally, turning off push notifications for social media apps helps significantly because it allows you to remain focused and only go on Instagram or Facebook when you want to, not every time your friend tags you in a meme. This one can be tough so try your best to prioritize and remember that productivity is always more important.

When it comes to productivity, these little things matter. Doing something as little as organizing the apps on your phone can earn you a couple of extra hours per week to do things that matter more. It is good to keep in mind that social media is fun, but it generally brings you no long-term happiness and often keeps you from doing important things.


Written by Sunny Sharma

June 24, 2017

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