The Law Of Attraction – 5 Facts & Practices To Create Your Dream Life

The Law of Attraction has played a vital role in every success in human history but also every single failure.

Law of Attraction is the law of cause and effect – where thought is the cause and our external experiences and conditions are the effect. It is a powerful force.

Simply put, law of attraction is the force that turns the thoughts that we think into our outer reality.

Thoughts become things.

It is important that you control this force through conscious effort so that you can build a life that you desire, full of well-being and happiness.

Otherwise, you will continue to find yourself in chaotic and undesired situations and circumstances – which you will soon realize were created through your own ongoing and unstable mental chatter.

Here are 5 facts about the law of attraction.

  1. Law of attraction is unbiased. It isn’t trying to help you or destroy you. BUT, because it is unbiased, you have the opportunity to make it work in your favor rather than have it subconsciously build momentum against you.
  2. Law of attraction is working regardless of the fact of you consciously noticing it or not. It is an omnipresent force. Therefore, it only makes sense to use it to your advantage.
  3. Law of attraction is the basis of momentum. They are pretty much the same concept. We notice momentum especially in sports all the time, yet fail to notice it working in our own lives.
  4. Law of attraction is purely attention based and inclusive. It attracts more of what you focus on. For example, saying “I don’t want to be poor” attracts more poverty because the focus is on the lack of money instead of having an abundance of wealth. A positive and more constructive statement in this case would be, “I want to be rich and prosperous” OR “I am rich and prosperous.” “I want” and “I am” statements help us visualize the feeling of having what we desire rather than focusing on not having it right now.
  5. Law of attraction governs the process of creation. There is intention connected to each of our desires. The amount and quality of attention that we give those intentions is what dictates how we manifest our thoughts and ideas into reality. This process is how we grow and evolve throughout our life experience.


Now, here are 5 practices you can use to align yourself to the law of attraction so that you can manifest your desires.

  1. Start and end your day with positive thought vibrations. This means practicing positive thoughts right as you wake up and right before going to bed. Begin with reciting positive affirmations and listening to guided meditations in the morning once you wake up and at night before bed.
  2. Be appreciative of what is. Do not struggle against the present, learn to accept it. It is okay for you to wish for things to be different in the future, but you must accept the present as it is. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, think about what there is to learn from your current problems and visualize how you want your future to look.
  3. Focus on “I want” statements. As previously stated, law of attraction is attention based and will bring you more of what you focus on. Therefore, saying “I don’t want to be poor” or “I don’t want this pain anymore” will not work in your favor. In fact, it will only work against you. Focus on the good feeling you will get when you have what you want rather than the lack of having it right now.  
  4. Believe in your desire and your dream. Faith is the basis of the law of attraction. The amount of faith you are able to cultivate in your desire’s reality will dictate how and when it comes to life in your physical world.
  5. Make it a constant habit to notice your thought patterns. Us humans have a natural tendency to think negative. So throughout your day, make a conscious effort to realize the balance of your thoughts and shift that balance from negative to positive. Set reminders on your phone if necessary.

As you practice positive thoughts as a regular part of your everyday life, building the life you want will become increasingly easier.

It is a common misconception that you must struggle and go through tough times in order to prevail and be successful. We are harmonious beings and our purpose in this life is to flourish and do well.

In fact, it is only our own subconscious negative thoughts and beliefs which are constantly creating the unfavorable situations we find ourselves in.

Learn to control your thinking and shift the balance of your thoughts from negative to positive. It will ensure you a life of good health, abundant wealth, and continuous growth.



June 27, 2017

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