5 Character Traits That Determine An Entrepreneur’s Success

The external lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur is very appealing. However, many fail to see the entrepreneur’s internal reality which is full of hard work, rejection, and gruesome challenges. To create something no one has created before is a tough feat. Which is why, there are certain characteristics we must posses to ease our path to success.

Here are 5 character traits that determine an entrepreneur’s success.

  1. An entrepreneur’s main focus should be to add value, not to make money. Many people who want to create a business look at this equation the wrong way: they chase money. However, we get paid for the value we provide. Therefore, our main focus should be to add value to other people’s lives because money is simply a byproduct of that value. And, you can rest assured knowing that you will be compensated for that value…it can be no other way. You can read more on that concept in the book “How to Raise Your Own Salary” by Napoleon Hill.
  2. Entrepreneurs must be willing to see other people’s perspective. Having an unwavering belief in our product is great but it is equally as important to be able to understand why a potential investor has rejected our idea. This doesn’t mean that we should begin to question if our product is good enough. Instead, their rejection should influence us to deconstruct their thought process to determine why they came to that conclusion. Doing this successfully can help to strengthen our product.
  3. An entrepreneur must be passionate to help people and make a positive change in the world. The entrepreneur’s job is to create something which does not yet exist. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who began with wanting to solve a problem. By facilitating other people’s experience, we contribute to improving the quality of their lives. We contribute to making the world a better place to live in.
  4. Entrepreneurs must maintain a positive mindset in tough times. Before experiencing any real success, it is inevitable that we will face multiple obstacles. There might be bad days in our journey and there might be times when we question why we do what we do. But, we must always remember our purpose and why we started in the first place. We must always try to replicate that feeling and keep moving forward.
  5. An entrepreneur acts as her true self regardless of social norms and critics. The entrepreneur life becomes much easier when we become extremely confident in our instinct and ability. The whole process of creation is very personal and individualistic. Therefore, the more self-inspired action we take, the better the outcome of our work will be.

We must remember that a successful entrepreneur isn’t just the one who takes many vacations, lives a fun lifestyle, and owns fancy cars. He is the one who went against all odds to create something he truly believed would make the world a better place; he is the one who had a clear vision, an unwavering focus, and a relentless self-will.


Written by Sunny Sharma


June 29, 2017

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