6 Big Differences Between The Self And The Ego

All of our actions are influenced in two ways. They are derived either from the Self or from the ego. In this article, we deconstruct the process of action and determine what the best source of action is.

So let’s break down the key differences between the Self and the ego.

  1. All positive emotions(love, joy, hope, gratitude, kindness, interest, confidence, enthusiasm) are influenced from the Self. Whereas, all the negative emotions(fear, anger, sorrow, jealousy, greed, discontent, pride, hate) dwell in the ego.
  2. Every impulse for positive change, progress, and growth is influenced by the self. The ego on the other hand houses the resistant force against that impulse. It hates growth and likes things to remain the way they are. All thoughts that come from the ego are merely a culmination of what we have gathered through the five senses.
  3. The self is the entity which represents infinite intelligence, creativity, pure imagination, pure consciousness, eternal joy, and pure potential. The ego is the entity that influences our actions based on the information that we have collected from our five senses. Therefore, it is limited in its approach and exists only in time-space reality. Action taken through the ego is not creative because it is capable of doing only what has already been done before.
  4. The Self is timeless, immortal and eternal. It does not exist in time-space reality. Therefore, it cannot be experienced through the five senses. In fact, it cannot be experienced because IT is the one experiencing. On the other hand, the ego exists only in the physical plane. The ego is the place in which dwells our fear of death and mortality.
  5. The Self is the entity through which all of our constructive efforts come forth. Actions which are taken by a person whose consciousness is seated in the Self will always lead to success, good health, happiness, and prosperity. When consciousness is seated in the ego, all action will lead to failure, frustration, illness, harm, and unhappiness.
  6. The Self is selfless. It loves and supports all others and sees the unity in all of life. The Self fears nothing and feels no need to prove anything to anyone. Meanwhile, the ego is selfish. It compels us to consider another person’s success as a threat. The ego thinks hierarchically and because of that, it influences actions through greed, which seek power. It wants fame and success over others purely to uphold its importance.

Moving our consciousness from the ego to the Self takes consistent practice but it is surely achievable. Once that has been accomplished, we begin to allow the Self to influence all of our actions and our life changes for the better. We experience success in every endeavor and live a life full of abundance and well being.; we achieve things we never thought we could achieve; we help and reach people we never thought we would have had an impact on; we enjoy life like we never thought was possible; we see problems as mere obstacles that we will inevitably overcome; we remove fear and replace it with confidence in our ability; we remove our greed for power with love for all others; we become better human beings; we create a better world.

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Written by Sunny Sharma

July 2, 2017

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Natalie - January 24, 2018

This was an awesome article thanks!

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