5 Ways Journaling Will Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Why is journaling considered an important ritual by many high performers? How does writing down a few thoughts everyday help us in the future? 

Firstly, we are going to be talking about the modified version of the Tim Ferriss journaling method. It consists of writing down your thoughts once in the morning upon waking up and once at night before bed.

With this method, we break down the daily journal into three parts; two in the morning and one at night. The morning writing will consist of the sections: “I am grateful for” and “What would make today great?” The night writing section will be: “Amazing things that happened today.”

Breaking it down into these 3 sections makes journaling much easier as compared to writing something from scratch. It also serves a few separate benefits. 

So let’s begin. Here are the 5 Ways journaling can improve the quality of your life.

  1. The journal is a goal log which tracks your progress. With this journaling method, we write down each morning, what would make that particular day great. This might consist of certain events or daily goals. At night, we recall how much of what we planned to do that day was actually accomplished. If we continuously neglect to do the things we set out to do every morning, we begin to notice the consistent procrastination. In this regard, journaling is our friend who isn’t afraid to tell us when we are slacking.
  2. Journaling allows us to reconnect with our past self. We all go through good and bad times, it’s just the way of life. A journal is a useful resource to have in those bad times. When we are having a difficult time facing resistance and remembering why we do what we do, it helps to read our thoughts from a time when things were going well. This makes it easier to reconnect with the state of mind we carried in that particular time in our life.
  3. Writing in a journal is a positive release of emotion. Many of us live an extremely busy life in which we forget to make time for ourselves. Journaling twice a day serves as our way of self-reflection. Twice a day, taking 5 minutes to be alone to write down our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a great way to let it all out, good or bad.
  4. Journaling enables a positive mindset. When we begin our day with writing down all that we are grateful for, we create a habit of being thankful for what is good in our lives. And at night before going to bed, writing down all the great things that happened during the day causes us to relive those good feeling moments. This activity puts us in a great state to go to sleep in. Both of these activities combined condition our mind to become more positive.
  5. Journaling allows us to see our patterns of thought. It is a great tool for dissecting our life. After keeping a consistent journal for quite a while, we are able to look back and recognize what people, situations, and events generally make us feel good and what people, situations, and events decrease the quality of our life. We then are able to discriminate against the negative and do more of the positive in the future.

All that this requires is habit. Journaling will only serve a purpose once it is kept consistently for long periods of time. It helps to set reminders on your phone in the beginning stages in order to build this habit. But once it become a regular part of life, it becomes enjoyable and resourceful.


Written by Sunny Sharma


July 2, 2017

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