Momentum Is Constantly Active In Our Lives. Either We Control It Or It Controls Us.

What is it that causes us to have good days during which we feel productive and well? What is the reason behind our bad days filled with procrastination and discontent? Why is it that our good days usually get increasingly better? Why is it that the bad days seem to progressively get worse? The answer to all of these questions is momentum.

Most of us understand the concept of momentum. We notice it especially in sports but fail to realize that momentum is a part of our everyday lives. It is constantly active in the background, even if we realize it or not.

So, what should we know about momentum and how can we manipulate it to serve us?

First, know that momentum isn’t biased; its purpose is not to work for us or against us, it is simply just in motion and what it does is follow our thought. Because of this, we can learn how to use it to our advantage and make it work in our favor in order to make our lives much easier. We do this through conscious thinking.

We begin by learning the process of thought. Each thought is a vibration that carries a transformative force. This force is the entity through which all thoughts and ideas become things. Because of the law of attraction, each positive thought attracts another positive thought and each negative thought attracts a separate negative thought. The balance of our thought at any given time of the day is always either towards the negative side or the positive side(the degree differs). When our thoughts continue to stay at either side of the spectrum, we build thought momentum. The longer we stay in that zone of vibration, the stronger the momentum becomes and the harder it is to reverse. It is good news if we are on the positive side but bad news if we are on the negative.

This is also the primary reason that we perceive certain people to be positive or negative. They have built extreme momentum towards one side through perhaps years and years of subconscious practice. The reason being, over time, thoughts turn into feelings, feelings turn into moods, and moods turn into personalities. Everything starts with one thought. Even a strong belief is just a thought that has been practiced consistently for a long time.

So, how do thoughts lead us to have good or bad days?

When we label one of our days as a “bad day,” we have experienced one of two things. We either began the day with a negative thought vibration and subconsciously continued to practice it for the entire day – which led to a number of undesired events to occur(Remember, the transformative force in your thoughts is constantly translating your thought vibration into physical form). OR, we encountered a negative occurrence during our day that shifted our positive thought momentum to negative – which led to us to allowing it to dictate the rest of our day.

This slump we sometimes find ourselves in is an uphill battle with thought. When we find ourselves in that slump of negativity, unproductiveness, sadness, procrastination, or laziness, it simply means that we have been practicing negative thoughts that match the vibration of that mood or feeling and that those thoughts have built momentum. One thought after the other, the accumulated force of those negative thoughts has resulted in our particular situation. (Side note: in this case, a negative thought does not necessarily just mean thoughts of depression or sadness, but also thoughts like boredom, anxiety, indifference, hopelessness, confusion, etc. Those are all negative thoughts.)

So, how do we get out of this slump? How do we turn a bad day around?

The answer again is momentum. The way out of this slump is the same way we got into it: our thoughts. The only difference is that we got into it subconsciously with ease but, getting out requires conscious discrimination against negativity.

To further avoid getting back into that slump, positive thinking needs be practiced everyday. As it is consistently practiced, we not only experience more “good days,” but we generally live more positive lives overall.

Even then, the slump is not completely avoidable because there will be some days during which we aren’t as conscious of our thoughts and will build momentum towards the wrong side. But with continuous practice, we get better at avoiding it. And when we do find ourselves in an unfavorable situation, we have an easier time acknowledging and escaping it. It is not about never having a bad day, it is about ensuring that we do not dwell it it. The goal is to get back to our optimal selves as soon as possible.

Conscious thinking is the only way to control momentum. Beginning when we wake up, it should be our priority to practice thoughts of well being and productivity to ensure that we do not fall into a slump during the day. The goal is to consciously build positive thought momentum everyday. As we do this daily, we condition the mind to be more positive and continue to build positive thought momentum simultaneously, which results in a better future.


Written by Sunny Sharma

July 10, 2017

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