Quick Tips: An Activity To Defeat Procrastination

We all experience moments during which we know we should be doing work but we cannot get ourselves to take action. You have experienced this especially if you are an artist or entrepreneur with no boss telling you what needs to be done by what time.

Being in that slump of procrastination is frustrating and discouraging. During that time, it truly feels like there’s no way out. Sometimes we even become convinced to give up on the day entirely with hopes of starting fresh tomorrow. But, it does not have to be that way. Today still remains and the present moment is more valuable than ever.

The only thing we need to understand to solve this problem is the process of momentum

When you find yourself in this situation, acknowledge it and accept it. Do not struggle against it, otherwise it becomes worse. Accept that it has happened and assure yourself you will get out of it today, not tomorrow.

After acknowledgement, begin by trying to slow down your mind. The reason that you have found yourself in this situation is because you have been practicing a negative thought vibration which has built up strong momentum. By slowing down the mind, you decrease the amount of negative thoughts(resistance) and you raise your vibration – which then attracts other thoughts of higher vibration. The best way to do this is by focusing on your breath or maybe the noise of the AC in the room or the sound of the cars outside, etc.

You are not necessarily trying to stop thought but instead, trying to slow it down. You want to try to elongate the nothingness you experience between one thought and the next. This can be achieved by focusing on those sounds and doing your best to constantly acknowledge and release any thought that comes. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes and you should feel a little better because by this stage, you have built up momentum. Now we must keep pushing that momentum in our favor.

Next step is action. Forget the work that you have been procrastinating from and try to find something very small you can do around the house. Maybe make your bed, do laundry, wash some dishes, or clean your room…just really anything. While you are doing one of  these activities, try to practice positive thoughts or listen to some motivational videos on youtube so you can continue to add to that thought momentum.

Once you are done with that particular activity, try to think of something else small that you can do. Usually what happens by this stage is that we don’t even have to think of something to do. Instead, the momentum itself inspires us to do something. It could be work related, it could not be work related. But, as long as we keep doing something, we keep building that momentum and we slowly crawl out of that procrastination slump little by little.

Last little tip: What also helps is changing your physiology. Doing any sort of exercise is good to change your mood. For example, stretching, yoga, running, or weight lifting all help give your brain the boost it needs. Additionally, cold showers tend to have the same effect and refresh your mood entirely.

As the method listed above is a quicker fix than changing your thought vibration, it is good to note that it is temporary. Positive thought momentum is something worth practicing not only to escape procrastination, but also to avoid the likes of it in the future. It becomes easier and more effective with practice.


Written by Sunny Sharma

July 11, 2017

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