Key Lessons From An Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction Workshop

The law of attraction is fascinating. It is an omnipresent force which is constantly at work in all of our lives.

If we successfully align ourselves to this natural law, anything becomes possible for us to achieve.

Knowledge of this law will empower you. It will enable you to deliberately create the life you desire.

Alignment with it will allow you to gain control of your reality and be the agent of your own success. When used consciously with persistence and determination, it will serve as a superpower, which will transform your life.

When I first learned about it, I was astounded.

No longer was life a sequence of random occurrences happening to me. Instead, I learned that life is actually happening for me. Soon after its acknowledgement, life became the playground in which I began to exercise my full potential.

Along this journey, I encountered Esther and Jerry Hicks’ work.

I was fortunate enough to attend an Abraham Hicks workshop that occurred in Denver, CO. For those of you unfamiliar with Abraham, you can check out more information here. I highly recommend it. 

The workshop was a great experience as expected.

Even though I had previously heard a lot of Abraham’s teachings on Youtube before I attended, I still encountered new material that really stuck with me.

Listed below are some of the most important new insights that I took with me out of the workshop. 

1) A pure thought(a thought influenced from the Self or you inner being) is a thought that is not burdened by doubt or disbelief. Action inspired by these thoughts will always be more powerful.

This pertains to thought impulses we sometimes receive which compel us to do something outside of our comfort zones. You may notice that the longer you contemplate those ideas, the more resistant thoughts you experience against it.

For example, for every one thought stating that you are capable of achieving what you want, you get multiple other thoughts telling you why it is not a good idea to pursue that that thought.

So, the pure thought that we are talking about is that thought that tells you that it IS possible. Those are the only thoughts that do matter. The rest is chatter fueled from resistance to discourage you from growing. 

2) Moments of Contrast and discontent are not to be taken too personally because they are crucial to our evolution. When we feel sad or discontent, it is simply a sign that there is something more that we want from our life experience.

This feeling is crucial to our growth because it lets us clarify what it is that we want so we can go chase it and further fulfill our potential. We then move onto bigger and better desires to keep growing into a better and stronger version of ourselves.

So, when you feel unhappy about something, don’t dwell in the sadness of the moment. Instead, acknowledge the moment as something that is necessary to your evolution and clarify what it is that will make you happy so you content. Then begin the mental work to successfully attract it to yourself. 

3) It is good to dream big, but do not ask for more than what you are ready for.

For example, if you are an individual who is very overweight but wants to get in shape and have 6-pack abs, that is great.

But, when you visualize having a 6-pack, do you focus on the feeling you will get when you have the 6-pack? Or do does your attention automatically divert to how far you are from attaining the 6-pack?

When most people dream big, they tend to focus on the lack rather than the abundance because they are not yet ready to match the feeling of having what they desire.  This only works against them and attracts more of the lack into their life. 

Have a big vision in mind but visualize smaller goals which make you feel good to think about. As you continue to attain those smaller goals, you allow yourself to be ready – to be ready – to be ready – to be ready – to achieve the bigger vision. This process attracts faster results because the focus is never on the lack. 

4) The stream of readiness is the emotional gap between asking and manifesting.

Not yet having what you desire and having what you desire are two completely different vibrational frequencies.

How quickly you manifest your desire is determined by how well you are able to match your current vibration to the frequency you would experience upon manifesting it.

Obviously, it is tough to create the feeling of having what you don’t have and there is really no faking it either. Therefore, just always be conscious of this transition and take it little by little while being satisfied with what already exists.

5) Sublime satisfaction is the best way to manifest your desires faster. This means having no concentration on the lack of it; or concentration of it not having happened yet.

It means knowing that it has already happened in vibrational reality, therefore you are not concerned with when and how it comes into your physical reality for you to see, touch, feel, taste, or hear…You are certain that it is bound to translate into your physical experience and because of that, you live in full satisfaction. 

Sublime satisfaction is the best way to bridge that emotional gap between asking and manifesting.

6) Be more conscious of your impulses after meditation. Our mind during and after meditation is in a calm state and receives noticeable impulses from the Self. These impulses are “pure thoughts”(As discussed in bullet #1). They should always be acted upon because they are empowering thoughts encouraging us to exercise our full potential. Acting on these thoughts will get you closer to getting what you want. 



July 12, 2017

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