How Our Problems Help Us Grow And Evolve

We live in a diverse word in which we all possess infinite choices every second of every minute. As we grow older, this diversity leads us to prefer certain things over others and causes us to make choices based on what those preferences are. We all have different values and beliefs that have resulted from our choices throughout the entirety of our past experiences. The values and beliefs we have cultivated cause us to pursue the path of our interest which contains unique challenges. These challenges help us grow similarly in different ways.

Something that is similar about all of us humans is that regardless of race, sex, age, or nationality, we all have “problems”. Problems that challenge us everyday and keep our life interesting. However, once faced with these problems, we sometimes become so distracted by their consuming nature, that we forget what a problem really is. This leads us to be stressed and unhappy.

Let’s begin by comparing our life to a movie.

A movie is entertaining because it contains a plot with a relatable character who faces a tough situation. We follow the character as he or she navigates through that situation and breaks through to triumph at last after some sort of suffering. We find this process relatable and this keeps us interested.

When going into a movie, we are certain that the character will experience a problem; which we understand as the necessary foundation upon which the plot of the movie resides. As the plot’s foundation, the problem is the most important aspect of the film and it’s essential to the character’s evolution.

All problems that we face in our own lives should be viewed in the exact same manner.

Here is the process of our evolution simplified.

Introduction of a problem ->

Conscious or unconscious use of imagination ->

Solution to the problem experienced in the form of an idea or impulse ->

Application of the solution = Problem Solved (Triumph) ->

Become a stronger human being ->

Introduction of a new, tougher problem….. & repeat.

When you are able to successfully conceptualize this process and realize that any problem you face in life can be simplified down to these few steps, you begin to look at every problem differently. With this approach, all problems are merely challenges which your evolving desires have led you to face. By solving these new challenges and through the fulfillment of your desires, you grow and evolve your old desires and challenges into bigger and better desires and challenges. As you keep growing and evolving, you enhance your life experience and enjoyment.

It is tough to see the bigger picture when you are engulfed within a difficult challenge. A problem in our lives can really cause us a lot of stress and anxiety because it triggers our fear to try to convince us that there is no way out.

However, all discomfort and unease from our problems is caused by fear. And, there is always a way out. Similar to every movie you have ever seen.

This solution exists in our imagination. We have gotten through every single challenge and all the tough times in the past and we will continue to get through any problem that life throws at us without a doubt because we all have access to the power of imagination. The only difference is, with the use of this knowledge of the imagination, we can find the solution faster than we used to before.

You may be thinking, I think and imagine a lot of things but I don’t ever have an easy time finding the answer. This is because thought happens on the level of the mind. True imagination exists on the plane above the mind. The solution to any problem does not exist on the same level as it was created. All problems are created within the mind and the solutions to all of these problems exist within our imagination(the entity above the level of thought or the mind).

Problems are introduced to us for this simple reason: They are essential to our evolution and there is always a way out. That way out is our ticket to becoming a better, smarter, stronger, and more experienced human being. In other words, an evolved human being.

Take the first step by applying this model to your life. Think about all the problems you have solved in the past. You may soon realize that the solution was derived from the plane of imagination and transmuted to an idea which you received in your mind. It was something that you couldn’t think of before but it came to you all of a sudden out of nowhere and seemed genius. Upon resolving that issue, you became more experienced and considered yourself to be a better and stronger person.

Second, realize that there is always a way out and that you will figure it out. That is the way it is meant to be. What the solution is, you might not know yet because it is embedded within pure imagination. It is something that cannot yet be conceived by your mind but it is something your have direct access to. All you have to do is slow down your thinking because the solution does not exist in the mind. By slowing down thought, you immediately enable yourself direct access to the solution. It may take time for you to consciously acknowledge the answer, but pay close attention. It is there, always within your grasp.

This approach will allow you to keep a level headed mind throughout stressful times. It will facilitate access to your imaginative source, which always has the answer. 


Written by Sunny Sharma

July 27, 2017

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