The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success: Align Yourself With The Universe And Improve The Quality Of Your Life

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra is a wonderful introduction book for anyone new to the subject of spirituality. It covers the seven universal laws with which we must align in order to manifest and fulfill our desires effortlessly. Deepak wrote this book in a very concise and easy-to-read manner. However, each sentence is written precisely and holds a powerful impact. Throughout the book, you will continuously find meaningful information which you will connect with at a deep level.

There are seven chapters; one for each spiritual law. At the end of every chapter, Deepak states two or three practices that we can directly apply to our lives in order to harmonize with the laws. When we begin to harmonize ourselves with the universe’s undefiable laws, we create a life of peace, love, success, good health, and fulfillment.

Listed below are the seven laws followed by a brief summary and practices for applying them to your life. It will certainly be useful to remind yourself of them upon rising and sleeping, every morning and night.

Law of Pure Potentiality
-We are all rooted in a natural state of pure consciousness which contains the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. 
-We either act from the Self of the ego. Self is our original state, the entity described in the previous bullet. It is pure consciousness, pure potentiality, pure imagination, eternal being, oneness. The ego is a bundle of mind-made thoughts and it derives its power by identifying with the duplicity in time-space reality. It thrives upon conflict, resistance, and negativity. 
-To access the field of pure potentiality, we should spend time in stillness. This means to find time during the day to rid ourselves of all distractions(TV, phone, etc.) and just be. Focus on the present moment and slow down mental activity. 
-We should spend time with nature and recognize the wonder of life within it. This sense of connectedness with other life forms helps us to realize our true nature. 
-We must practice acceptance and stop judging people, places, situations, and thoughts entirely. Judgement is a form of resistance against the present moment. In order to access pure potentiality, we must accept the present as it is.

Law of Giving and Receiving
-All life is connected and everything is in a constant exchange of energy. The flow must be kept healthy in order to experience growth and abundance. 
-The more you give with pure intention, the more you enable the flow and begin to allow yourself to receive.
-Create a practice to always give a gift to anyone who you come into contact with. The gift can be material or it can be in the form of a blessing. Deepak beautifully explains that, “The gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation, and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don’t cost you anything.”
-Begin to wish everyone you interact with throughout your day, happiness and good health. The blessing which you experience in the form of a thought is a vibration and it can go a long way.  

Law of Karma: Cause and Effect
-What you sow is what you reap, it can be no other way. 
-Every moment you live is a result of karma. To create good karma going forward, make decisions through the Self, not the ego. 
-Karma results from all your choices. Therefore, before making each choice, ask yourself is this the right choice for me and everyone that will be affected by it. 
-There are two sensations that occur in the heart, the feeling of comfort and discomfort. Every time you ask yourself the question stated above, if you get a feeling of comfort, do it. If you feel discomfort, refrain from doing it.

Law of Least Effort
-Everything in nature, including you is meant to live and be with effortless ease. You are not meant to struggle and suffer. It is our own resistance which keeps us from allowing this natural well-being to flow through us. To enable it, we must accept each and every moment, person, situation, and circumstance as it is, not how we wish it would be.
-Don’t struggle against resistance, it only grows stronger. Accept it and move on. Within your acceptance lies the seed of transmutation of that resistance into allowing. 
-Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. All it takes is for you to view it as such. Accept the moment and let it be to then naturally reveal the benefit.
-Never feel the need to defend your point of view. When you defend, you identify with the ego and your life meets resistance. Even if you “win” an argument, you don’t actually win. 

Law of Intention and Desire
-Thoughts are manifested into reality through attention and intention.
-Attention is your focus on what you want and intention is the desire without attachment to the result or outcome. Intention sparks attention and the process of creation proceeds. 
-Everything you focus on in life will become stronger and everything that you ignore will wither away and disappear. This is because focus decides where energy flows. 
-Your nervous system has the enormous power to manifest any desire through infinite organizing power. This means that if enough focus is given to a desire, the universe is capable of orchestrating an infinite variety of space-time events to give you your desired outcome. 
-You should remind yourself of your desires and release them to the universe(the womb of creation), before meditation and trust it to make them come true.
-Enjoy life in moments of uncertainty. Forget about the outcome of anything and focus your energy in the present moment. 

Law of Detachment
-Detach yourself from having to know the outcome of all your endeavors. This creates resistance. 
-Being attached to the known will limit the amount of possibilities available that can occur to reach the solution you desire. If you constantly chase certainty, you might be able to defend against the negative for some time, but you will surely prevent yourself from experiencing the positive as well.
-Attachment gets in the way of creation. As mentioned before, it is a form of resistance against the cyclical nature of life.
-Learn to love the uncertainty. Within uncertainty lie all the potential possibilities of your “problem’s” solution. The wisdom of uncertainty is powerful.
-If you witness uncertainty, it means you’re on a good path. The more uncertainty, the better.
-Detachment accelerates the process of evolution because it means complete acceptance. Acceptance as mentioned earlier, is the first step to allowing. 
-Once again, every problem or failure contains the seed of an opportunity for a greater benefit. Always remember that. 

Law of Dharma: Purpose In Life
-Every human being has a unique purpose or talent.
-There is one thing in one form that you can do better than anyone else in this entire world
-It is your duty to find your purpose or talent and serve humanity by expressing that talent. 
-Ask yourself everyday, how can I serve others?
-Always ask, “how can I help?” instead of “what’s in it for me?”
-When you do what you love, you go into timeless awareness. By doing more of what you love, you uncover your true nature and potential. 
-If money wasn’t an issue and you had all the time in the world, what would you do?
-Combine your purpose with serving humanity and you can have all the wealth you want. By giving the world what you have to offer, you enable the flow of receiving. 

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Written by Sunny Sharma

August 4, 2017

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