Habits: Create Lasting Change In Your Life

Anytime you want to create change in your life of any sort, you first have to consider the details. Your personality and your results are the way they are because of habitual patterns of behavior which consist of numerous choices made daily. Narrowing down these patterns or habits brings us to the diagnosis of the problem. The solution therefore, lies among the replacement of the destructive patterns with ones that are beneficial.

Here are a few facts about habits:

  • Habits are the necessary “evil” for change.
  • Habits are the portal through which you enter into the life you desire.
  • Habits are your friends if you learn to use them to your advantage but, your enemy if you let them control you.
  • Habits are the tools to build lasting change.
  • Habits must be recommitted to every day.
  • Habit means consistency. Doing even when you don’t want to.
  • Habits are your teacher. They teach you how to build discipline.
  • Habits are patterns of behavior. They can be positive or negative.
  • Changing habits is simple, yet it is not easy. All it requires is consistency.
  • Habits are small fragments which make up a larger whole.
  • Habits are external actions influenced by internal thought patterns.
  • Habits show commitment and perseverance. On the contrary, they also show laziness and lack of will.
  • Habits are capable of helping you recover from any situation.

The question you must ask yourself is this: What habits of yours are the ones holding you back from what you want to achieve? Is it overeating? Is it negative thinking? Is it spending too much money on drinks and going out? It is spending time with people who hold you back? Is it the overuse of social media? Those are just a few examples of daily patterns that hold people back. Which patterns are holding you back? The only person who is truly aware of the answer to that question is you. Deep down, you know what you should be doing and what it is that you should eliminate from your behavior. It is time to listen to that voice and take a step closer towards your goals.

Here are a few ways to build constructive habits:

  • Set calendar reminders to remind yourself of what you need to do at what particular time.
  • Hold yourself accountable. The only person you can cheat is yourself.
  • Make it public. Tell others about the change you are trying to make. You will be more likely to keep your word.
  • Write down your goals and necessary habits you need to build to achieve those goals on your bedroom wall. Read them every morning and night.
  • Be honest and truthful to yourself. If you believe deep down that you could be doing better, do better.
  • Push yourself through the resistance with full commitment and understanding that there is no alternative. You must do what you set out to do.
  • Recognize the feeling of accomplishment and peace that you get after you do what you didn’t feel like doing. Connect that feeling to the completion of that task. Condition your brain to seek that feeling through doing that task. For example, if you are trying to build a habit of exercise, connect the good feeling you get after finishing your workout to the task of exercising, instead of the “bad” feeling you might experience before or during the workout. Teach your brain to seek that good feeling through the means of exercise.
  • If it is something that can be accomplished earlier on in the day, do it as soon as possible. Our willpower tends to deplete as the day progresses, so get it done sooner than later.

As previously mentioned, habits are the portal through which you enter into your new desired life. If you treat every day as a fresh opportunity to build and strengthen your habit patterns, it will only be a matter of time before you wake up into a new reality. This “new you” will proudly look back at the resistance you were able to overcome and the change you were able to accomplish. Others will admire you for it, but more importantly, you will admire yourself for it.


Written by Sunny Sharma


August 4, 2017

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