Find Happiness In The Journey

The journey is what makes life worth living. 

So many people put happiness on the opposite side of where they are currently. They constantly tell themselves, “When this happens, I will be happy.”

Unconsciously, they make happiness into something that they have to accomplish and something that is hard to attain. 

Image displaying that happiness exists in the present moment

The “true happiness” we seek on the other end of our goals is a complete illusion. We think that when we accomplish our current goals, we will be uniquely fulfilled like never before and THEN, we can finally be happy and enjoy life.

Meanwhile, when we get to that destination, yes we are happy, maybe even for quite a while. But then, there is something else that we want. We build up intense desire for our new goal and again, put happiness on the opposite side of it.

Again, we do this unconsciously and we ignore that where we are right now, was once that “other side” where happiness belonged. 

Image of a man looking out at the ocean desiring more from life

This process exists because of our ever expanding nature. We are life, and life’s very own nature is to continuously grow and expand. This compulsion to grow causes our desires to constantly evolve greater than they were before. As they expand, the difficulty to attain them grows equally as well. It does not matter what we achieve, we will ALWAYS want more. 

But, desire is not the culprit. If it wasn’t for desire, we would get nowhere in life. Desire is what prompts us to go from point A to point B. It is our true nature and should not be suppressed.

Without desire, there is no life. World renowned spiritual teacher, Sadhguru, stated this is a beautiful manner. “The energy which you call desire, is not different from the energy you call life” and that “Wanting to end all desire is a desire itself.”

He explains that desire alone is not the reason for our unhappiness, instead it is unfulfilled desire that makes us unhappy. 

So how do we put an end to this process and find happiness now?

You simply cannot end this process but you can do these two things to be happy.

  1. Be aware of your desires: When you notice the conception of a desire within you, ask yourself, is this desire through your natural impulse to grow and expand or are you simply compelled to want something because someone else around you wants or has that thing? (You’d be surprised how often our desires are socially conditioned by our surroundings. These are usually the desires that go unfulfilled because we simply cannot strive to live a life that is not ours. Therefore, continuously wanting what others have in their life is a recipe for disaster.)
  2. Be happy Now. Happiness does not exist in the future, it exists in the present moment: the Now. Your failure to be happy now will only bring you more of the same in your future. Remember, happiness on the “other side” is an illusion.

Being happy in the present does not imply forgetting and not pursuing your desire. It means to be happy now, as you are on the journey to the fulfillment of it. Yes you’ll be happy once you fulfill that desire, but won’t the process be a lot more enjoyable if you stay happy along the way?

Take charge of your own emotions. Don’t be enslaved by this process of evolution, instead be empowered by it. Be happy NOW.

Image of a person enjoying his life during a beautiful sunset

Throughout your life, you will be spending a lot more time in the “process” than you will be spending at the destination. It is only a matter of time before you begin to seek something bigger and better.

This assures us that life never “grants” us happiness. Instead, it is something that is available to us right now and it comes from within.


Written by Sunny Sharma

I would love to know about your experience of finding enjoyment within the process.

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August 8, 2017

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