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Yoga is a variety of mental, physical, and  spiritual practices developed thousands of years ago in India. Since then, it has been influential enough for it to still be relevant today. Even in the western world, we have witnessed yoga’s influence grow exponentially in the last ten years.

Yoga has helped people for thousands of years to eliminate disease from the body, boost mental and spiritual progress, enhance physical strength, and prevent further illnesses. It requires no further validation.

Why is yoga so effective? 

Image portraying the power of focus and present moment awareness.

It enhances awareness. Awareness means being established in the present moment. It is acknowledging and accepting what is without passing any judgement. Awareness is actually all that is. Everything we know to exist is an experience in awareness, which means that any problem that exists is resolved only by deeper concentration into awareness itself.

Most of the time we access this state unconsciously. It is an illusion that solutions for the problems we solve daily are created in the mind. The solution does not exist on the same level on which the problem was created. The problem is created in the mind, the solution is found in awareness.

When you are established in awareness, there is no past to look back to for an identity and no future to look forward to for salvation. It is just you, completely focused in the present moment, and when you are in that state, there is no problem or illness that cannot be reverted back to its natural state of wellbeing.

So how are awareness and yoga related?

Through its use of numerous poses and breathing techniques, yoga serves as a platform through which you can facilitate being in the present moment. Yoga is much more than the physical form of exercise that most people know it as. Instead, it consists of a variety of practices which help you not only strengthen your physical body, but also transmute any form of illness or anxiety into awareness.

Image of digital arrows representing the proper flow of energy through a nerve channel within the body.

Through increased attention within, while being established in awareness, yoga rejuvenates the blocks of energy in your body which create the problem in the first place, and it reverts the flow of energy back to its original healthy state. 

How does yoga heal the blocks of energy?

There are specific breathing techniques related to different yoga practices, but the idea behind it remains the same: The breath is the the essential fuel source for the machine that is your body. When you breathe, you are doing much more than just inhaling oxygen, you are inhaling life energy.

Image of a girl breathing and inhaling life energy

When you breathe with proper intent and attention within, you can recover your body from any condition and get it back to its original state of wellbeing. Yoga facilitates this process and allows you to do just that.

As you breathe deeply in different poses with increased focus in the body while established in the present moment, you send awareness throughout your body to rebalance it down to the cellular level and transmute any illness or irregularity into wellness.

How often do I need to do yoga to see the benefits?

Yoga is most effective when done daily. However, you do not need to do it many times before noticing the benefits. You will be able to feel the powerful effects of yoga even after your very first time doing it.

Is yoga’s main focus to heal illness?

Actually, not at all. Healing illness and irregularities within the body is just one of the effects of yoga, but that is not why it was invented.

Image of a man feeling empowered by the use of yoga and meditation

Yoga was created as a practice to help people reach spiritual enlightenment. It just so happens that it also strengthens the body and prevents disease from developing inside the body.

But this was not a coincidence. Ancient yogis in india were aware that spiritual enlightenment was more difficult to attain with a body that was not fit and healthy.

Yoga has since been a tool helping people reach either goal; health or enlightenment. Although, you cannot reach enlightenment without reaching good health at the same time.

Why else should I start doing yoga? 

As I mentioned earlier, daily use of yoga will help you practice enhanced awareness and maintain a healthy flow of energy within the body. This will not only improve your physical fitness, but also help you progress mentally and spiritually.

Image of a girl running because of a boost of energy through yoga

You will experience more energy throughout your day, have better control of your emotions, feel happier during your day, handle situations with less stress, and stay motivated to eat a healthier diet.

Yoga is also the best preventative medicine. You should know that the absence of disease is not good health. There can be many irregularities developing within your body at any time without you consciously knowing it.

But with enhanced awareness, you not only heal existing conditions within the body, but you prevent further ones from developing. Illness cannot develop within pure awareness.

What do I need to begin?

Image of a woman doing a yoga pose called the child pose

The great part about yoga is that it requires no equipment. At most, all you will need is a yoga mat and an instructional video to get started.

Start with a beginners yoga workout and continuously challenge yourself as you get better. You can find a wide array of yoga workouts easily on Youtube and do them in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to read more about the different types of yoga and learn more in detail about how it is beneficial for overall health, I recommend starting with the following books by Swami Vivekananda: “Raja Yoga ,” and “Jnana Yoga.”

Swami Vivekananda was one of the most widely known Indian monks of the 19th century, best known for his spiritual teachings and his speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1893.


Written by Sunny Sharma

August 29, 2017

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