A Productive And Inspiring Morning Routine – How To Boost Your Productivity Fast

What is the importance of a morning routine? Why should I create one?

Conquer the morning, conquer the day.

Lets first discuss the quote stated above. If you are unfamiliar with this phrase, it aims to indicate the importance of the morning. It implies that if you are able to conquer the morning, then you will thereby conquer the rest of the day as well. This happens through the power of momentum.

Your morning ritual is your first opportunity to build new positive momentum.

Image of a man feeling empowered in the morning.

When we go to sleep, our momentum goes to sleep with us. This means that if you weren’t feeling so great during the day, you have the chance to put that to rest and begin new tomorrow. As we wake up, we are granted the opportunity to start fresh once again.

A productive morning is your gateway into creating a productive day. Making an effort to feel good in the morning will positively affect how you feel for the rest of your day. This includes your productivity, mood, social encounters, and your results.

Who else has morning routines?

Image of American business magnate Elon Musk

Many elite performers interviewed from all around the world stated to have shared this similarity. This includes people such as Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Cook, and Tony Robbins just to name a few.

They utilize their mornings to plan and prepare their upcoming day. Their routine also serves as a tool to get their mind and body into a peak state before stepping outside of their house for work.

This habit ensures that they will be perform at a higher level throughout the day as they fight off distractions and accomplish what needs to be done.

My Morning Routine

Now that I have explained to you the importance of having a morning routine, I would like to share what my morning looks like. The habits that I describe below have helped me greatly increase my productivity and achieve faster results.

Wake Up Early

Image of a vintage alarm clock

No one enjoys leaving the bed in the morning, I assure you. But, the battle of the bed is the first battle of the day that you must win.

Why wake up early? Well it’s simple, you get more sh*t done. The day is your time to be productive and you are bound to get more done the earlier you wake up.

Drink Water

Image of a refreshing glass of water

Hydrating right when you wake up is super important. Drinking 1-2 liters of water before leaving the house in the morning will increase your energy level, suppress your appetite, and make you feel physically refreshed.

I typically chug water as soon as I wake up because it also helps me wake up and leave the bed.

Take Supplements And Alkalize

Image of wheatgrass juice and supplements

Implementing daily supplements into your morning routine will ensure good long term health. I know it can be tough to see immediate benefits of supplements because a lot of what they do is beneath the surface, but they are important.

Most of our diets do not grant us the amount of nutrients we should be consuming daily, so doing something as simple as taking a couple of pills in the morning is really nothing to be lazy about. Health will always be your most important investment. 

Alkalizing will benefit your body greatly because a lot of us have acidic diets. Building a habit of alkalizing your body every morning will lead to better digestion, fat loss, enhanced immune system, a boost in daily energy, and reduced aging.

I personally drink wheatgrass every morning to alkalize but there are many more ways to do it and you can read more about that here.

Make Your Bed

Image of a messy bed in the morning

I know it sounds simple but doing something as little as making your bed will begin to build productive momentum for you in the morning. It is helpful especially on a lazy morning during which you really don’t feel like doing anything. Its simple yet effective. 

I typically do this right after I visit the bathroom and take my supplements.

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Listen to Affirmations And Read Vision Board

Image of a vision board

You should take a moment every morning to remind yourself of your purpose. Our purpose only stays alive as long as we give it serious attention, otherwise it becomes lost in the tasks of everyday life.

Therefore, to keep it alive, remind yourself of it every morning. It helps to handwrite some things you want to achieve and post them on your bedroom wall. Read them every morning and night.

You can write about your short-term and long-term goals, the results you want to achieve, the things and titles you want to attain, the impact you want to make, and the people who you want to do it for.

I read my vision board every morning because it serves as an initial boost of motivation pushing me to get through difficult tasks during the day.

After reading my vision board, I listen to some law of attraction affirmations. You can find the one I listen to here.

But generally, any other affirmations video you find on Youtube is fine. Affirmations in the morning create a positive mindset which enables you to attract more positivity throughout your day.

They allow you to condition your mind to think empowering thoughts rather than limiting ones.

Write In A Journal

Image of a journal

Journaling is an important tool with short and long-term benefits. It is a way to access your previous thoughts directly as you experienced them in the past. My journal serves as a portal to my mind in the past and it is impactful because it is so personal.

A journal as a short-term tool on the other hand, allows you to directly monitor your productivity. I generally write every morning about what I would like to accomplish that day and then revisit the journal at night to see how much of it I accomplished.

Additionally, I write about the people, things, and experiences that I am thankful for. This is my daily gratitude activity which helps me raise my thought vibration to attract more positive experiences.


Image of the buddha meditating

Instilling meditation into your morning routine will increase your present moment awareness throughout your day. You will tend to be less distracted and more focused on your objectives.

Meditation is the easiest way to put negative thoughts to rest in order to make room for positive ones. It has great effects on your psychological and physical health.

I typically meditate for 15 minutes in the morning with the use of a guided meditation that you can find here.

Yoga & Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Image of a woman doing yoga

Yoga is perhaps the most impactful form of movement to improve overall health. I have written a whole separate article regarding that which you can find here.

You should aim to do at least a couple of minutes of yoga in the morning because it is a great way to stay in shape as well as a wonderful tool to loosen up your muscles and joints in the morning.

I feel less resistance to do yoga in the morning as compared to a high impact exercise so I typically do running and resistance exercises later on in the day during the evening instead. But, you should do whatever you find more suitable.

Yoga is an enjoyable yet effective activity which can be done quietly in your room without waking others up in the morning.

Lastly, the pranayama breathing exercises are to cleanse the nerves. As we inhale air, we are taking in more than just oxygen, we are inhaling life energy.

When we breathe with the intent to heal, we cleanse our nervous system and rejuvenate the cells of our bodies. These powerful breathing exercises leave me feeling refreshed and energetic in the morning.

Pranayama’s long-term effects include an increase in nervous function, an enhanced immune system, and decreased likelihood of contracting an illness. Learn how to do these breathing exercises here.

Begin with just 5 minutes and then increase it as you feel necessary.


That was a brief synopsis of what my mornings typically look like. I tend to wake up about three hours before I have to leave the house in order to get everything done along with showering and eating.

Sometimes I am able to do everything on the list, sometimes I am not. But, it is important to do as much as you can each and every day before you step out of the house in order to increase your chances of being the best version of yourself during that particular day.

I suggest that you pick and choose what you like out of this morning routine and customize it whichever way you find suitable.

I emphasize that creating a morning routine will make a positive change in your life and help you get faster, better results regardless of your goal or objective.

Always remember, you get a brand new opportunity to make a change in your life every time you wake up in the morning. It is your responsibility to capitalize on this opportunity!


Written by Sunny Sharma

Good Luck on creating your morning routine! 

Comment below what you liked about my morning routine and what you think I should add.



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September 12, 2017

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