How To Execute A Business Idea – One Task Method For Entrepreneurs

I believe that we are all entrepreneurs at heart, we all have great business ideas that we want to launch. Some of us pursue our ideas and some of us don’t. This article is devoted to the people who do.

So you have your idea and you think that it is worth devoting a lot of your time to. It’s an idea that will solve people’s problems and one that can serve as an income source for you in the future.

Now, it’s time to get started on this project and make it happen. It’s time to devote your life and most of your waking thoughts to try and get this thing going.

You realize that there are so many things to do but you don’t know where to start. You might have an idea of what you need to do but the sheer size of the action that lies before you slightly overwhelms you. Not enough for you to admit that it overwhelms you though…..because you’re a brave entrepreneur who understands what it takes to create a successful business.

But, it’s enough to leave you confused and have you procrastinating, putting crucial tasks off till later.

Weeks go by, nothing has changed. You are still just as passionate about your idea as you were before, but you cannot seem to do too much work towards it. You sometimes complete small tasks here and there but you are unable to make the giant leaps you hoped you would be making by now.

Months go by and nothing has changed. You are still just as passionate about your idea but have no clue about why you haven’t been able to pursue the large list of tasks you have before you.

Now, even the brave entrepreneur in you is beginning to believe that you are quite overwhelmed and have been for the past couple of months. You just didn’t know it, but now you realize that you had so many things to do and you just didn’t do any of them.

If this story resonates and connects with you, welcome. I promise you that you are not alone. You are part of a large group of entrepreneurs, including myself, who want to go in business for themselves and have a great idea that could potentially impact millions of lives.

But still, there aren’t enough motivational videos on youtube to get you to start tackling that to do list. This is because motivation isn’t the problem.

Then what is it? Because, procrastination seems to have taken over your entrepreneur life and even though your business idea occupies your mind fairly often, you just can’t seem to progress.

The problem is the approach to your work.

Bad news is:

Traditionally, the way we have been conditioned to look at “work” has provoked us to build large amounts of resistance towards doing the things that we know are crucial for us to start our own business.

Good news is:

This conditioning can be reversed and we can change our results by changing our approach. We can get more things done and make leaps of progress by altering the way we look at our work.

What I want to share with you today is the One Task Method. It is something that has been very effective for me ever since I started doing it and something that I believe can get many potential business off the ground.

Disclaimer: I am not about to pitch you a product. I am about to tell you a simple technique that will help you get closer to making your business idea a reality by taking small steps of action resulting in large leaps of progress.

Let’s get started.

Fundamentals of the One Task Method:

Do one task a day. Make only one pre-planned task mandatory for yourself to do per day. Let me explain.

You have to make it premeditated. Before you go to bed at night, know what you’ll be tackling the next day. This entails one important task that will get you closer to your goal, nothing more. In the morning prepare your mind for it and make that one task your main point of focus. Then execute it as early as possible during the day.

The rest of the day is yours to do whatever with. If you feel like doing more work and you choose to do more, then great. If not, then you know that the task you had set for yourself that particular day is done and nothing more is expected of you for that day

As simple as this sounds, it works. Here’s why.

The One Task Method allows you to not be overwhelmed by your long list of things to do. Most of us have a  list so long that instead of going through it one by one, we do nothing at all.

We let the list unconsciously overwhelm us and we build resistance towards it. We let this resistance build up more and more as we continue to procrastinate and put the list off, making it increasingly difficult to take action in the future.

This simple method enables you to ease your way into getting things done. Instead of looking at a large list, you simply focus on one thing per day and this causes a large shift in your mindset. It impacts your psychology and the way you view the list. Matter of fact, there no longer is a list, it is just that one task as far as you are concerned for the day.

Now you might be thinking: If I just do only one task a day, how can I expect to make fast progress? Well, the size of the task is within your discretion. You can choose to do something super simple or you can choose a large task per day.

I recommend having days when you tackle a large task and then having some days when you give yourself the freedom to do a task that is smaller. All you have to do is make sure that you approach your day with one task and complete that one task. The more consistently you practice this method, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Here’s why:

You spark momentum and allow it to accumulate in your favor. When you wake up knowing that all you have to do today is that one task that you have in mind, your mind feels comfortable.

It is easy to convince yourself to work on your chosen task knowing that you will be free after doing that one thing. Your mind does not build resistance towards that one thing. Instead of procrastinating, you are going to start looking forward to getting that task out of the way so you can enjoy your freedom. 

The hidden secret of this trick that the mind cannot decipher: A lot of the time, what will end up happening is that after you complete your one task, the inertia of your action builds momentum and you will continue to be productive afterwards. Not only do you feel great after accomplishing your one task early on in the day, but also that good feeling naturally motivates you to do more. 

Getting that one thing out of the way gets rid of the resistance that you had previously built up towards your work. You no longer HAVE to do work because you have completed your one task for the day, but since there is a lot of time left in the day, you CHOOSE to do some more anyway. There is zero resistance. 

Does the fact that you know that you might still continue to do work after your one task lessen the effect of this method? Not at all. Because, it is not everyday that you will do more.

In fact, some days, you might just do the bare minimum and be done for the day and on those days, you still won’t feel guilty because you completed what you had on your agenda. But, there will be days when you just go off on a rampage of productivity because of the momentum you have behind you. 

As you continue to practice this method consistently, you will have more and more of those productive days.

The reason this strategy works:

We entrepreneurs are all passionate about our ideas and love to work towards them. But as soon as we are definite about pursuing our ideas and we link the idea of “work” with what we are trying to do, we build resistance towards it. This is because traditionally, we are conditioned to believe that “work” is something that is generally unenjoyable and unpleasant. 

When we continuously fight this resistance, it only gets stronger. The more this resistance builds up, the easier it becomes for us to procrastinate and put our work off.

As a result, instead of enjoying what we thought we loved, we start to think of it as a chore.  

That right there is the sole reason that so many business ideas never take flight.

When did something we loved to do turn into such a chore? This leaves you feeling confused. Here you are knowing that you love your idea and what it could potentially do for you and others, but at the same time you feel intense resistance towards doing it. 

That is where the one task method comes in. It allows you to detach the idea of “work”  from what you love to do. Instead, it tricks your mind into believing that you only have to do a little “work” today. The rest is free time with the option to do whatever it is that you want to do. 

Soon, that resistance starts to fade and we begin to experience a better, more productive version of ourselves shining through our work. 

Do your one task early in the morning. Give yourself the feeling of relief and freeness for the rest of the day. Always remember, the longer you put it off, the more resistance you will build against it and the more you will sabotage your own self. 

If you continue to put it off, this method will not work and you will continue to work against yourself. Remember, the point of this is to do one important task.

Even if you just only do that one thing per day, you will still average out to do more than the average entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs procrastinate and let the days fade away only to look back and realize that they haven’t accomplished anything. Rather than tackle their large to do list, they do nothing because the list overwhelms them, preventing them from taking any action whatsoever.

The one task method is something that will minimize your procrastination. It is the perfect method to trick your mind into making your work more fun. It is a way to work freely, knowing that you don’t have to do it, but instead that you are choosing to do it.

It is freedom from procrastination and an effective tool to chip away at your large list of things to do.

It acts as the stairway to success and to the fulfillment of your goals.

Even if you just climb one stair a day, you constantly make progress each and every day and that builds consistent, daily momentum.

Eventually, you will look back and will be appalled by the amount of things that you have accomplished, all while enjoying the process and loving it.

Written by Sunny Sharma

I would love to hear your feedback regarding this method.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Additionally, I would like to hear what tips you guys have for entrepreneurs who want to be more productive!

November 8, 2017

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