How Failure Is Better Than Success

Life is a season of ups and downs. We all go through these seasons. We all know how it feels to be estatic and happy, but we have also experienced the opposite side of the spectrum – feeling lonely, fearful, and sad.

The funny part about life is that it never goes as planned. The moment you think that you have it figured out and that you are in a safe zone, life makes you encounter the most unpredictable circumstance which you could have never thought was on its way.

Most of us struggle in these tough circumstances because there is a surge of emotions that comes along with it. It becomes harder to see clearly, and it becomes tougher to think and act in the right state of mind.

Suddenly our life becomes consumed by the negativity that revolves around our issues and we become overwhelmed and sometimes depressed.

Times like this are surely tough, but they come with their own set of benefits and that is why you must learn to cultivate an appreciation for difficult times, especially during failure.

A recent interview I watched with Ray dalio, one of the most successful investors in the world, contained within it one of the most fundamental truths of life. Within that interview, Ray mentioned something that really opened my eyes and helped me to start appreciating my problems.

Ray, now around age 60, mentioned that looking back at his life, he does not remember many of his successes, but he remembers each and every faliure vividyly. He stated that faliures and difficult times are periods of learning and growth through which we evolve our skill and nature.

Looking back at his life, he acknowledges all his successes but does not value them as much as he values his failures; for this reason he does not remember them clearly.

He explained that he is the person he is today because of his failures. He knows what he knows today because of his failures. He has learned the skills he posesses today because of his failures.

Ray mentioned that you must remain alert and open minded during times of failure, because it is through that open mindedness that you begin to learn how to turn that failure into a future success.

He said that of course he enjoyed his successes and that they were pleasant, but during those times there was little to learn. It is difficult to cultivate new beneficial habits and learn new things during a stage of enjoyment.

We must certainly enjoy the fruits of our labor if we are fortunate enough to receive them, but we must not get lost in it. You must keep a strong awareness and know that the pleasant season will eventually turn into a season of turmoil, especially if you become stagnant.

This doesn’t mean that life loves misery, or that the universe is out to get you. The difficult obstacles you encounter are simply life’s way of helping you evolve into the person who is capable of receiving what you asked for.

It is an evolutionary process which is vital to our expansion. 

We give appreciation to everything that is good to us in life. We grow through our difficult times and we forget that this growth is what leads us to those good things in life. We can say that it is a necessary push that we need to evolve ourselves.

For this simple reason, we must appreciate our difficult times just as much as anything else because out of them, come our most cherished experiences and possessions.


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December 21, 2017

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