To Be Well You Must Do Well

The imperative to well-being is well-doing.

We all desire pleasant conditions in life. The nice things, good health, abundant wealth, loving relationships, comfort and ease, and maybe even luxury and leisure.

Mostly all of us believe that we are deserving of having those things in our life, and often times, not having the things we desire is what causes most of our unhappiness.

Yet if you take a deeper look, you’ll notice that we fail to see that in every area of life, we get back a result that is directly in proportion to what we put in.

For example, a person who desires love, can only get more love by giving more love. This person needs to cultivate love within himself and give love to others before the process of receiving love can begin.

Many of us fail to see this simple giving/receiving component of life because we are unaware of universal inclusiveness: The fact that we are all one at the core.

Let’s discuss why realizing this oneness with all other beings is important for us.

All living beings including the Earth itself, is one. We are the same in nature at our deepest level and that is why this law of giving and receiving is in effect in all of our lives.

All beings are interconnected – we are all universally the same.

This means that when we do a selfless deed to benefit another, we are not just benefiting them but also ourselves. Likewise, if we tend to hurt another person through anger, jealousy, and hate, we in turn hurt ourselves – because we are all one.

Therefore, we cannot attempt to receive wellbeing by causing others harm. We can only do so by trying to also bring them wellbeing.

When we realize this universal inclusiveness, our behavior automatically adjusts. We begin to send out thoughts of wellbeing for others, rejoice in other people’s success, we begin to treat our environment with respect, and begin do good deeds in life.

It is only right then, that our results come back to us in the same manner and proportion. Our righteous acts come back to us in the future and take many different forms. We experience these as harmonious conditions, good health, abundance of wealth, good relationships, and pleasant conditions.

So once again  to emphasize, the imperative to well-being is well-doing.

If we do good, we get good. If we do bad, we get bad. It is as simple as that.

To bring about the conditions that we want in our lives, we must portray that outwardly into the world through our character, behavior, and thoughts.

The well doing will inevitably result in our wellbeing, it can be no other way.


If you enjoyed reading this, I encourage you to send out thoughts of well-being for at least 10 people per day. It can be anyone; your family, friends, or even a person who passes you on the street. 

December 26, 2017

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