Your Lack Of Patience Is Driving Your Success Away From You

The one key difference between people who succeed and the people who don’t is that the ones who succeed have incredible patience.

They are able to see and believe in what does not yet exist.

There’s usually a period of incredible resistance between the start of a new project or business venture and its success. The ones who are able to succeed and see this process through till the end are the ones with faith.

Faith is what constitutes patience.

This patience helps them stay true to their idea and desire. It motivates them to keep working tirelessly even when there’s little to no reward.

What you need to do to enhance your patience, is cultivate within you, a deep and lasting faith.

In the words of Charles Haanel,

“You must first have knowledge of your power;

second, the courage to dare;

third, the faith to do.”

By this he means:

  1. The knowledge of your power to be or do anything that you want.
  2. The courage to start your project/business venture despite the fear and inner resistance.
  3. Lastly, the lasting faith to see it come to fruition.

The last step is often where most people cannot last, because it is the longest step of the process.

We all have great ideas that can potentially impact many lives and are worth millions of dollars but most of these ideas never come to life.


Because people have the knowledge and the courage to start, but they lack the faith that is required in order to see their desire come to life.

You cannot dictate how and when your desire comes to life, you must simply have faith that it definitely will.

Charles Haanel further explains,

“Faith is not a shadow, but a substance, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I encourage you to read that statement again and try to gain a full understanding of it.

This statement is so powerful because it turns faith into a material entity. It is “the evidence of things not seen.”

This means, what you desire has not yet been materialized for you to see, touch, hear, feel, or taste in your experience but your faith in its existence is the material evidence that it will come.

For example, you order a pair of shoes online. The order has been placed and you have been emailed a receipt for your order. You sit back, relaxed and assured, that your shoes will eventually come in the mail.

In this scenario, your desire is the shoes and your faith in its delivery is the receipt. It is something that assures you that you will get your order.

That’s the same level of certainty you need to cultivate within you until your desire comes to life in the material world.


The frustration caused by a lack of patience will only drive your desire further away from you.


All thoughts are vibrations and we are constantly in communication with the universe through these vibrations of thought, feeling, and emotion.

So vibrationally speaking, in order to attract your success towards you, you must continue to work, but at the same time, carry alongside your work a feeling of gratitude and pleasantness within.

Feelings of pleasantness and appreciation are positive thought vibrations of abundance and they help you to attract your desires and your success – and more abundance.

On the other hand, negative thought vibrations such as fear, anxiety,and frustration are the emotions that attract lack towards you – which inevitably drives success further away.


In order to succeed, you must cultivate within you a deep, lasting faith. See things that don’t yet exist. Assure yourself every morning and night, that what you have asked for has already been answered and given to you – and that it is only a matter of time before it becomes materialized for you to enjoy in your life.

This faith will help you to keep working when the amounts are small; when there are no rewards. It will help you remain calm, collected, and pleasant through the process. This pleasantness will help you attract the success you desire.

Most importantly, faith will help you remain vibrationally aligned with the universe so that your desire is materialized quickly.


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December 29, 2017

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