9 Crucial Life Lessons To Consider Going Into The New Year

Happy new year!

As an incredible year has just come to an end, I thought I’d make a quick post to mention some of the key lessons that I have learned over this past year. Entering into the new year, I encourage you ponder over these words and practice whatever resonates with you, in your life.

Let’s get started.

Cut down on the distractions

I classify a distraction as any temporary pleasure or enjoyment that results in no long-term productive outcome. Distractions exist in our lives in many forms(people, food, alcohol/drugs, social media, television, entertainment, environment, etc.).

Whatever it is for you, make sure to take some time to sit down and identify it. Become conscious of your distractions and cut them out of your life. Know that doing so will enable you to reach your goals at a faster pace.

Lastly, remain vigilant in avoiding building new distracting habits.

Remain unbiased and unidentified with your thoughts and beliefs

Never feel the need to argue, explain yourself to others, or the need to prove anyone else wrong. Know that our thoughts and beliefs dictate our life experience. They are ever-changing and are constantly being shaped and reshaped by our surroundings.

Becoming strongly identified with our beliefs prohibits us from experiencing a whole other side of life.

So keep an open mind to other opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Build Self-confidence

Remember that you are capable of achieving anything and everything you have ever desired.

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” Within each desire lies the seed for the manifestation of that desire. With a realization of this principle, your potential becomes infinite and you become worthy of attaining any amount of success.


Know that your ability to focus and concentrate on your goal/purpose is the most vital factor in your attainment of it.

Most of us live with scattered focus, jumping from one distraction to another. Our purpose becomes lost in the middle of it. Realize that nothing can be accomplished with scattered focus.

Only when you hone in on what you want with full concentration for most of your waking hours, will you be able to achieve/receive it.

Start visualizing your success

Visualize and feel your success everyday as often as possible. Know that the clearer you paint the picture of what success is for you in your mind, the more accurately it will translate over into your physical experience.

Vague pictures will lead to vague results. Know what you want and every detail of it – and then cultivate the feeling of already having it. This practice will reap great rewards.

Let life happen gracefully

Remember to enter the new year with ease. The more you struggle with your current life situation, the most resistance you build up in your own life. This resistance will only hinder your ability to create a better future.

So take it down a notch, and start to live life with effortless ease. This perspective will allow you to attract good things to you and help you end your constant pursuit of chasing happiness through external measures.

Cultivate a beautiful inner reality

Always keep in mind that thought is creative. Your habitual thought patterns are what dictate what you see in your world. Your experiences, situations, the people you meet, the opportunities that come your way, are all a result of your thought.

So in order to create a pleasant outside, strive to first create a pleasant inside.

Learn to give

Tony Robbins says, “The secret to living is giving.” This is very true.

One of the most important skills we can build up as human beings is our ability to give. Yes I consider it a skill. The more we give, the more we want to give, and the more we end up receiving.

This is a natural law of life and a deep understanding of this principle will help you build abundance in your life.

Be righteous

Do your part in improving the world. Regardless of how others treat you, treat them well. When you are put in difficult situations, always do the right thing no matter what.

Strive to be a living example of the positive change that you hope to see in the world. Put out into the world, the type of energy that you would like to receive. I promise you that it all comes around – you will be rewarded for all the good that you do in ways that you cannot imagine.

Root for other people, even if you dont know them personally. Know that other people’s success takes away nothing from your own and that there is enough abundance in this world for all of us to flourish and succeed.



Make sure to make this year your best year yet.

Do not settle for anything less than you desire and always remember to live every single day with the utmost happiness, ease, and gratitude – regardless of your current life-situation. 


January 1, 2018

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