The Cause Of Human Suffering – And How To End It

Human beings, at the source are complete beings. We are whole at our core. 

We are complete beings but our innate nature is to grow and evolve

Our life continuously refreshes itself by exposing us to new people, places, situations, feelings, emotions, things etc. This refreshing nature of life enables our growth.

For example, we begin at a certain level or plane of thought, ability, and maturity. We then learn through each experience and evolve into higher planes of thought and ability. 

We attract experiences based on what we need to grow at that particular time in our life.

But because we are complete beings at our core, we cannot receive before we give away what we already have. This is a necessary exchange of energy. We need to give what we have in order to get what we need for our growth. 

Many of us cling onto people, experiences, life situations, things, and we aren’t willing to easily let go, even when we know we should. 

But because of this absolutely vital exchange of energy, clinging on disqualifies us to receive what we need. 

When we cling on and identify ourselves with something; when we refuse to give, we block our flow of receiving. 

Because of this blockage of receiving, we stop receiving the necessary experiences we need to refresh ourselves and grow. 


Since growth is our innate nature, not being able to grow causes suffering. 

The longer we cling onto something, the more life tries to signal to us, that we need to let go and move on. 

We encounter this in many forms of severe situations and experiences coming our way encouraging us to learn our lesson. They come our way to teach us what we need to learn and rejuvenate that blockage of energy.  

All problems and obstacles come to us for our own growth. 

Our ability to live life harmoniously is equivalent to how good we are at extracting what we need from each experience and let go when necessary. 

If we learn from a particular experience and stay detached during the process, we don’t suffer when it is no longer in our life. 

The better we become at recognizing what each experience in our life is meant to teach us, the happier we live. 


Realize that every problem, obstacle, experience, person, and thing in your experience is there for your growth. Your job is to learn from them and remain detached.

This will enable you to not cling onto those experiences and memories or create an identity out of them. You will be able to move on and let go when necessary and avoid suffering when they are no longer in your experience. 

Learn to let life happen gracefully.

This will accelerate your growth. Soon, a season of new experiences will come refresh your life. 

January 4, 2018

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