Just Do It – Building Discipline

“Just Do It.”

A simple concept, yet a powerful one.

Living through this phrase will make you an unbeatable force, unaffected by tendencies of procrastination and laziness.

It will help you defeat the voice in your head that tries to convince you to put off important tasks, or ones that make you uncomfortable.

Most people have a difficult time building positive, productive habits because they mistake that voice in their head as themselves.

That voice is not you. That is the voice of resistance, which is actually your greatest enemy.

People who allow resistance to win all of their mental battles seldom get anywhere. They doom themselves to mediocrity and do not achieve success in anything that they do.

Don’t give into resistance.


Just do it.

Whatever it is that you are contemplating doing.

Don’t feel like working out today? Are you noticing yourself trying to find reasons not to? As soon as you notice this, get up and just do it.

Are you not in the mood to write that paper? Are you telling yourself that tomorrow will be a better day to do it? Do you feel conflicted with guilt about putting it off? Well, then get up and just do it.

“Just do it” will help you achieve greatness by assuring you the small daily victories required for lasting success.

Resistance will never go away. It will still be there tomorrow.

It will disguise itself as you; it will once again try to compel you to put off any productive task by making you falsely believe that you will do it later. It’s all an illusion

The more you listen to that voice, the less you will do, and the less you will progress.

In order to beat this voice, get up and just do it. Whatever it is.

Everything you are doing now is setting you up for what you will do, what you will feel, and what you will be tomorrow.

Whatever you are doing now will dictate what you will do tomorrow.

You might think it’s no big deal to skip a workout one day, but it’s never just about now. It’s also about tomorrow because skipping it today makes you more likely to skip it tomorrow.

That is the way our minds work.

And that is why most people find it difficult to build habits. They don’t understand fully, the impact of the action taken in present moment.

It is never just about now because all of our future actions build on our actions of the present.

Whatever it is that you are doing now will influence your future action. Therefore, if you accept defeat to procrastination today, you are more likely to do the same tomorrow.

Alternatively, if you continue to put in the work despite feelings of laziness today, you will be more likely to defeat laziness tomorrow as well.

And then, you will begin to condition yourself to keep doing so in the future. The better you get at winning your mental battles, the easier it will become, and the more success you will experience.

So build that discipline. Get up. Just do it.

January 7, 2018

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