For Creators: How Deleting Snap & Instagram Has Impacted My Productivity

As a creator, focus is one of the most important skills that I need to constantly work on. The more that I am able to focus, the more quality content I am able to create.

For this reason, I began the new year with a challenge to myself. I decided to suspend two of my biggest distractions by deleting Snapchat & Instagram off of my phone temporarily.

So two weeks in, I wanted to write this short post to explain how that minor change has made such a large impact on my productivity.

Snap & Instagram are great, in fact they’re too good.

I commend their creators for building such engaging surfaces that keeps us coming back for more.

By no means would I consider myself “addicted” to Snap or Instagram, but I definitely started to notice myself increasingly spending more time on those apps.

I would constantly go back to check my newsfeed and notifications multiple times a day.

Even after turning off my notifications, I seemed to do the same thing manually.

Starting off this new year, my aim was to cut out many distractions and focus on what really matters to me during this period of my life: career and fitness.

Because of that, I made a decision to temporarily delete Snapchat & Instagram off of my phone.

Roughly two and a half weeks have gone by since then and I can assure you that I have been able to get more work done than ever before.

That decision didn’t just allow me the freedom to concentrate on my work, it did something even greater.

It made me realize this:

We consume a lotttt of information through those two apps. Because of Snap & Instagram,  we know what everyone in our social circle is doing at all times; we know what our favorite celebrities are doing, along with all the events are going on around the world.

It’s just all sorts of things out of which most are completely useless and don’t serve us any lasting benefit.

All the media that we consume on those two apps clutters our mind. Even though we might not notice it consciously, this clutter causes turbulent activity in the mind, keeping us from focusing on things that actually matter.

Things like carrying out our life’s purpose, working and being productive, progressing towards our goals, spending proper time with our friends and family, and most importantly, living in the present moment.

The vast information we consume off of social media continuously runs its images in our mind throughout the day, causing unnecessary chatter.

This chatter produces feelings of unhappiness and lack, along with anxiety about our future.

The only reason I was able to consciously realiize this was because I noticed a lift in mental clarity, and a boost in productivity after I deleted those apps.

However, my aim with this post isn’t to convince you to delete Snap & Instagram like I did. I simply want to invite you to consider how many of your own daily negative thoughts and beliefs are influenced directly by social media.

Try to focus on your thoughts during the next couple of days and see what kind of feelings are provoked by your social media usage.

Once you do, take appropriate action. Do whatever it takes to not let social media get in the way of your happiness or productivity.

We cannot let something that is supposed to aid our happiness turn into something that diminishes the quality of our experience.

As of now, I don’t see myself redownloading those apps at least in the near future. But when I eventually do, I’ll be sure to minimize the amount of media I consume. And, I encourage you to do the same.


How has social media impacted your life?

Is there anything that you are currently struggling and need help with? 

Comment below.

January 15, 2018

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