A Formula To Ensure Success And Avoid Failure

Just like an overnight success isn’t actually a real thing, neither is an overnight failure.

Throughout your life, you are either gaining power or losing it. The consistent gain or loss in power constitutes success or failure.

Think of “power” as your ability to do something; the degree of influence or control you have over an outcome.

We don’t gain or lose power in noticeable quantities each day, but gradual changes are always happening underneath the surface of our perception.

Take for example a man who is physically unhealthy:

If we consciously lost power, do you think that he would continue to eat multiple bags of chips while watching hours of television every night? No, of course not.

The loss in power is gradual but consistent. All of a sudden, he finds himself at a low point. A huge realization sweeps over his consciousness and he finally comes to know how poorly he has been treating his body.

Same goes for people who find themselves in undesired career situations. Years into their career, they stand there disappointed because they have made little to no progress. Deep within, they understand that this lack of progress has resulted from their unwillingness to put in the daily work for self improvement.

They finally understand the valuable time that they could have contributed to self development(gain in power), consistently went to leisurely activities which produced no long term benefit(loss in power).

This then brings us to the question: How can we avoid ending up in that situation?

Just how successes and achievements are not common occurrences in our lives, neither are failures and defeats. Both events happen rarely and both are the result of consistent gradual change in one direction or the other.

You will spend most of your life in “the journey” or “the process,” as most people call it. The decisions you make during this phase are what count. You have to learn to enjoy the process; to be in it for the journey instead of the result. As I mentioned before, there is no such thing as stagnation.

Our world is in a constant flux, always moving, always changing. You are either growing or declining. If you believe you are stagnant, you are already declining. Those daily decisions will determine which direction your power will move towards; they will decide if you will eventually experience failure or success.

So the key to avoid failure and to attract success is to make gradual and consistent moves in the upward direction.

Every Single Day Matters


Let’s take physical health for example:

Know that if you skip even one day of exercise, you will lose a bit of power. It won’t be nearly enough to tell a difference but you will lose some.

Similarly, if you choose to exercise after overcoming a surge of resistance from your mind telling you all the reasons for why you shouldn’t, you will gain power.

Those little consistent moves everyday will make a world of difference. So start living everyday with importance. There’s no such thing as a day that doesn’t matter. There’s no such thing as a day off. Each and everyday holds just as much importance as any other.

Momentum Accelerates This Process

Momentum is your friend but also your enemy. It will accelerate your ascent upwards BUT ALSO your spiral downwards. You direct your momentum through your daily decisions.

It is a well known fact that highly successful people in any field rarely ever take an official day off. They are constantly working on their craft. Even on a particular day that they might not be so active, they still make an effort to get some minimal work done.

And, this is not a problem for them because they enjoy the process and have learned to find pleasure in it. They understand this principle of growth and decline. They fully realize that momentum will cause them to go in one direction or the other. And everyday, they make the choice them helps them go up.

You must realize this as well if you are pursuing any large feat. Know that whatever you are doing today will dictate what you will do tomorrow.

If you persist and work hard today, you will be more likely to do the same tomorrow. If you procrastinate or take a day off today, you will likely feel inclined to do the same tomorrow. Momentum demands this.

You have two choices:

1. Overcome resistance today

2. Overcome resistance AND momentum tomorrow


As long as you consistently make small efforts to gain power, you will inevitably succeed. Keep this process of growth and decline in the back of your mind everyday.

Know that everytime you make a decision to do something, you are doing more than just deciding what you are doing right now. You are deciding what you will do tomorrow as well – which will further dictate what you will do the day after that.

Each decision will build off of the previous one and build momentum either towards a gain in power or a loss in power; towards success or failure.


February 3, 2018

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