How To Get What You Want With The Law Of Attraction

What is the single most important thing that you need to know to get what you want with the Law of Attraction?

It is enclosed in an excerpt below.

After you read the excerpt, I will explain this secret to you in my own words and give you a couple of tactics you can use to put this principle to use in your life right away. 

"From The Law And The Word," by Thomas Troward

The correction which our mode of thinking needs therefore is to start with Being, not with Having, and we may then trust the Having to come along in its right order; and if we can get into this new manner of thinking, what a world of worry it will save us!

If we realize that the Law flows from the Word, and not vice versa, then the Law of attraction must work in this manner, and will bring to us all those conditions through which we shall be able to express the more expanded Being towards which we are directing our Word; and as a consequence, we shall have no need to trouble about forcing particular conditions into existence—they will grow spontaneously out of the seed we have planted.

All we have to do now, or at any time, is to take the conditions that are ready to hand and use them on the lines of the sort of “being” towards which we are directing our Thought—use them just as far as they go at the time, without trying to press them further—and we shall find by experience that out of the present conditions thus used today, more favourable conditions will grow in a perfectly natural manner tomorrow, and so on, day by day, until, when later on we look back, we shall be surprised to find ourselves expressing all, and more than all, the sort of “being” we had thought of.

Then, from this new standpoint of our being, we shall continue to go on in the same way, and so on ad infinitum, so that our life will become one endless progress, ever widening as we go on. And this will be found a very quiet and peaceful way, free from worry and anxiety, and wonderfully effective.

Now let me explain this to you in simple words. 

We are all conditioned ever since our childhood to chase things like money, success, and happiness on the outside.

All your life, you were told that money, success, love, and happiness is something that has to be attained. 

But that is incorrect. Nothing in life, including money, success, love, and happiness is ever attained, It is unfolded from within.

To get whatever you desire, you must direct your thoughts and focus on the being, rather than the having of what you desire. The having is simply an effect that manifests as a result of being. 

What does this mean?

Take money for example. 

If you want more money in your life, you have to cultivate an abundance mindset. You have to exemplify abundance in your thoughts, emotions, habits, and lifestyle. 

You have to cultivate the feeling of abundance in every cell of your body. Your entire being has to exemplify abundance in order to attract it in your external life. 

What most people do is chase money through external means while constantly focusing on the lack of money in their life currently. This only delays the manifestation of money in their future.

Energy attracts like energy. You cannot attract and manifest abundance if you are vibrating a frequency of lack.  

But once you create this shift in vibration from lack to abundance, the money MUST come into your life. It is law. 

Understand this cause and effect situation: The having is simply an effect of being. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Change the inner world and the changes in your outer world are inevitable.

So start with focusing your thoughts on the being, rather than the having.

Visualize yourself in the midst of abundance every single day until you reprogram your subconscious mind. Feel the feelings of already having what you desire and your subconscious mind will attract to you the people and situations necessary in order to move you closer into the direction of the manifestation of your desire. 

Second, your current conditions have lessons in them which are necessary for you to learn in order for you to move onto your desired conditions. 

Every current situation in your life is giving you an opportunity to be the best you can currently be. 

You must make full use of them by being the most  you can currently be, so that you can attract new situations which will further help you to be the most you can become. 

By doing so, you will constantly allow your current situations to pass, making room for newer, better conditions, which will continue to compel you to do and be better.

Your life is ever expanding progression. You will constantly attract new conditions which will help you expand your being further and further.

Understand that an intelligence is already working to get you to what you desire.

It is constantly orchestrating people, places, and situations in your life to help you expand your being – so that those current people, places, and situations can pass and make way for new people, places, and situations. 

You cannot manifest conditions which aren’t part of your being yet. In other words, you have to become ready for the conditions that you are asking for, through your current life conditions. 

Going back to our previous example about money:

You cannot manifest more money in your life if you haven’t become vibrationally ready yet. 

How then, do you become ready?

You become ready by learning all the lessons about money which your current life situations are trying to teach you. 

Become established in the knowledge that your current money situation is temporary. Realize that although you might currently be experiencing a lack of money, you have the choice to emanate a vibration of abundance. 

When you combine the knowledge available to you in your current life situations with the vibration of abundance, you will attract new situations in your life which will correlate with your vibration of abundance. 


To get what you want, you must:

  1. Direct your thoughts on “the being,” rather than “the having.” Influence the external world by changing your internal world.
  2. Milk the lessons out of your current life situations so you can make room for new and better life situations. 

Goodluck on your journey. As always, if you have any questions, hit the contact tab on the right and send me a message. 

I’ll stay in touch. 


February 19, 2018

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Mithila - August 16, 2018

So, can I start splurging and yet keep affirming this to myself, that I have abundance ? Can I try this for a month? Would you recommend/allow this? Let me know.

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - August 16, 2018

    No it’s not about spending more than you have. It’s about affirming the wellbeing and finding the abundance in what you already have. Don’t put yourself in debt, that’ll only make things worse. Just create an abundance mindset by always looking for the positive in things.

    Michael Lipner - March 25, 2019

    As with anything, abundance must first begin with a clear knowledge of what it is you exactly want. A clear image within your third eye-pineal gland-is necessary in order to achieve the necessary shift in frequency that then allows what ever you have visualized to manifest. The clearer the image the more precise the manifestation
    Always remember,,,if you can see it you can be it

Lorry - March 18, 2019

Thank you.

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