How To Be Part Of The Minority Group That SUCCEEDS

Everyone on this planet can be distinguished by being put into two groups. One is the minority group that succeeds and the other group is the one that doesn’t. 

And it is entirely a result of the thoughts that we think on a daily basis.

Before I explain how you can become part of the minority group that succeeds, you need to understand how the Law of Attraction works. So here’s a quick summary of the LOA, and later it will all tie in neatly.

Everything around you is made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are made up of energy. So in other words, everything around you, including your body is simply energy vibrating at a certain frequency. 

Just like everything else in this universe, your thoughts are also forms of energy and they form an impression on all the moving energy in and around you. They are vibratory forces which you are constantly emitting and receiving. This is how you subconsciously communicate with the universe.

Every thought has a distinct frequency and when you emit these forces, you attract and receive energies of a similar frequency. For example, if you emit a sad thought, it has a unique type of frequency. After being emitted, it attracts thoughts/people/experiences(which are just forms of energy) vibrating at a similar frequency as your thought – to your life experience. Law of Attraction is simply the universal law that governs this process.

That’s really an accurate summary of how you are constantly creating your own life experience. This is also why you have always heard the saying “thoughts become things.” Yes, it is true.

So the two distinctions of people in this world are:

  1. People who live from a predominant vibrational stance of worry & concern. (most people)
  2. People who live from a predominant vibrational stance of eagerness & fun. (the minority)

The people who live from a vibrational stance of worry and concern aren’t always sad or miserable people, although they might be – but their lives are predominantly lived from that vibrational standpoint. In other words, when they deeply think about their future or themsleves(if they dare to), they look at it with worry and concern hoping everything remains okay.

Their thoughts have a particular unique frequency(negative) and it attracts experiences with a similar frequency to them. Typically a lot of disorder, disease, accidents, etc. This is the reason most of the people you know that worry and fear a lot are the ones who are constantly given more reasons to worry and fear. They attract these energies towards themselves. As compared to calm and peaceful people who experience those energies much less frequently in their lives. 

The other people, or “the minority” still do have fear and concern, but they realize that they have the conscious ability to choose to focus on other thoughts. When they think about themselves or their future, they choose to look at it with eagerness, anticipation, and excitement. They’re not hopeful that everything stays okay. Instead, they take initiative to do whatever it’s going to take to make sure that everything gets better. Their thoughts have a particular frequency(positive) which brings to them experiences of a similar frequency. 

The 1st group is the one that never pursues their dreams. They always settle and build barriers around themselves because they are afraid of being hurt from the outside world. For that they are given results that correlate with their effort.  

The 2nd group charges forward and tries to conquer their dreams despite fear and concern that they might fail. They consciously choose to look at the journey of life as fun and exciting rather than random and scary. For that they are given results that correlate with their effort.  

If you just read this and classified yourself as a member of the 1st group, there is a solution.


You can become a member of the minority group that succeeds by doing this one simple thing. Build faith in your ability to do, be, or have anything that you want. Here’s how:

  1. Understand fear and worry for what they really are. They are not real, they have no principle. They are simply one extreme of the same scale – with the opposite side being concrete faith. Fear develops in a person due to a lack of faith being deeply embedded within their subconscious mind through social conditioning. Maybe your family always made fun of your dreams and told you it was never possible for you to achieve your goals. Or maybe you constantly compare yourself to celebrities and consider yourself a failure. Whatever it may be understand that all these beliefs are a result of social conditioning and your past life experiences. This conditioning is reversible by exposing yourself to opposite beliefs which strengthen your faith and tip your scale to the other direction. Which brings us to #2.
  2. Practice building faith. Watch motivational talks and start making daily use of positive affirmations. Surround yourself with positive people, people who encourage you to do better, people who are more successful than you, people who tell you that it IS possible. And lastly, stop comparing yourself to others.


When you build faith in your ability, your worry and concern will transmute into eagerness and fun. Not only will you enable yourself to join the minority group that succeeds, you will also free yourself of a lot of negative drama and obstacles that fear and worry would have otherwise attracted to you.

Being a member of the 1st group takes no effort, it is easy. But, it comes with its downsides. If you stay there, you will long for true happiness your whole life. You will never be able to achieve any worthy goal and you will always be a victim of your fear and anxiety.

Being a member of the 2nd group requires courage and persistence. It takes constant training to maintain and strengthen faith. It requires the ability to stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, it requires daily mental work. But being part of this minority group that succeeds comes with great benefits. You are rewarded with confidence, knowledge, ability, power, luxuries, health, wealth, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Be part of the 2nd group. It will lead to a life well lived.


March 9, 2018

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