How To Live A Better Life With More Happiness & Abundance

Today I want to discuss a simple technique that you can implement in your life right this moment to start getting results ASAP.

We all want to live a better life; happier, more abundant. This desire rests within all of us. So why is it that most people in this world are actually living unhappy and unfulfilled lives?

Even in the wealthiest countries in the world with tons of opportunity, people are not happy.

See, the quality of your life simply comes down to the questions that you ask yourself and what you choose to focus on.

The questions that you ask yourself is what determines if you have a victim mindset or an abundance mindset. Which further dictates the results you get from life. 

To understand this further, you need to understand how your mind works.

Your conscious mind is your thinking mind. It is the thinker, it is objective mind and has the ability to reason, make judgements, and evaluate dangers and so on. 

Your subconscious mind is the subjective mind. It is the prover. And it is actually responsible for 95% of all mental activity that is goes on in your head every single day. The subconscious makes 95% of all your daily decisions and largely dictates your behavior and actions. 

It operates based on what you feed it through the conscious mind. See, It simply accepts any information that the conscious mind gives it and it understands it as true.

It does not have the power to negate it or evaluate if the information is correct or incorrect. It just accepts it as true and begins to influence your life through those beliefs. 

What the thinker thinks, the prover will prove. This means that the thoughts you choose to focus on and accept as true, the subconscious mind(the prover) will take those beliefs and make them true for you in your life. 

It will influence all of your decisions based on your beliefs and attract to you people, situations, and things that are in line with your worldview or your mental attitude about life. 

So for example, if you think that the world is always testing you, that the worst people come into your life, that you are always getting into bad situations – you will continue to get into bad situations, encounter negative people, and continue to attract problems that test you.

What the thinker thinks the prover proves. There’s no way out of this one. 

Another thing is, life will show you more of what you ask to see. If you are always asking yourself questions like why is this happening to me or why is the world so cruel or why am I always in a bad situation or why is the world out to get me? 

With these questions, life shows you the answer and proves your questions correct. It brings you further situations and people who will end up proving your belief correct about how you are the victim, about how the world is so cruel, about how you are always in a bad situation. This becomes the paradigm that you live in.

See that is what the victim mindset is. Some people might have a difficult time understanding how certain people live such bitter lives with hateful personalities but they fail to recognize that that really has become that person’s reality. 

Because that person chose to focus on only the negativity throughout their life, their life continuously showed them more things to affirm their beliefs about this negative world. 

But on the other side of the spectrum you have the abundance mindset. These are people who are considered lucky and joyful and loving. Things just come easy to these people and they don’t encounter as many negative things in their life. 

This is all true and it is because of the way they think. Either by being from an abundant background or by consciously working on their mental attitude, these people have an easier, more joyful life with less problems.

They carry with them a certain level of expectancy for wellbeing and abundance. What their thinker thinks, their prover proves. That becomes the paradigm that they live from. 

So If your life is negative right now, how can you use this knowledge to live a better life?

1: Ask better questions.

2: Change what you focus on.

3: Change your beliefs. 

Change starts to occur only when you begin to ask empowering questions. Instead of asking, why is this happening to me and why am I always in these situations? Ask yourself how can this situation benefit me? How can I get positivity out of this? How can this situation serve my evolution?

You’ll find that in those questions lies the seed of opportunity that is your way out of those bad situations. Or in other words – to live a better life. 

Know that when you ask these questions you don’t have to receive the answer right away. Life will walk you into the answers through introducing people and situations to you and by influencing your own actions accordingly. 

Just be receptive to the answers of these questions. Open up yourself to receive and don’t just dwell in the misery of your problem. 

Then, focus on what is good about your life. Appreciate all the positivity that you experience everyday and understand that you do have the power to create any change that you want in your life IF you take responsibility for your current situation.

By changing what you focus on, you’ll eventually shift your beliefs. But to accelerate the process, you can also start reading self-betterment books, listen to speakers, meditate, and laugh more! Affirm the belief that this universe is abundant and that you are abundant in nature as well.

If you were to take one thing out of this blog post, I’d want it to be this: To live a better life – ask empowering questions and shift your focus. Your life will change drastically.


March 24, 2018

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