How To Become Your Best Self Through Energy Focus & Visualization

You have to understand, the vision that you have of the best version of yourself exists.

It exists in a different reality that is possible for you. That vision is a real thing that exists currently as a vibration. 

Let me explain.

All our universe really is is energy. Everything around us is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. This energy is in constant motion meaning it is always either growing or declining. It is forever changing. 

Us humans are the only life on this planet that has the power to influence how this energy changes – and we do this through the power of our own mind. 

This is how your thoughts turn into things. You influence all external matter and form through your power of focus. When you concentrate your thoughts on a  particular mental image, you set forces in motion to bring that mental image into your external reality. 

Charles Haanel said this perfectly, he said that concentrated thought is power. It is true power that you possess to create the change you want in your life. Through this power you can create any level of health, wealth, love, success – anything. 

This power gives you the ability to do, be, or have anything that you want in your life.

This is why I say that whatever your vision is, whatever you imagine that you want your life to be like in your future – that is a real possibility that exists. And the more meaning you give this vision, the more emotionally involved you get with that image, the more real it will become. 

Think of any successful people in any profession. What you’ll notice is that they are all visionaries. They believed in their power to do what was out of the ordinary. Through that concentrated belief and obsession, they created what they wanted in their lives. They either did this consciously or unconsciously but this is really the process that took place in every success story you can imagine. 

See, the reason that you can’t conceive how you will get to your dream life or if that visions seems far away or out of your reach, it’s simply because you’re not currently operating at the same vibrational frequency as that version of yourself. 

Just like everything around us is a vibrating form of energy, our thoughts are also just a form of vibrating energy. We all think in frequencies. And currently there is a huge vibrational difference in frequency between where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.

Because of this difference in frequency, the how you will get there part won’t make sense to you. It is simply something that you just won’t understand right now.

But that is what visualization is for.

When you visualize your goals and dreams, you are concentrating thought power upon that mental image in your mind. When you concentrate on your vision and your goals everyday, the reality of your vision(which is real as I mentioned before) pulls you up towards itself.

Through this process, you start to access higher vibrations of thoughts and ideas which you were completely not receptive to before because you weren’t thinking on this new frequency that you are now thinking on. 

There is an infinite potential versions of you. Each are potential outcomes of all of the potential decisions you could make right now in this moment. The best version of you exists out there and so does your worst version.

When you visualize, your goal is to imagine the picture of what the best version of you is according to you. Imagine who it is that you want to be.  By doing this you are focusing thought energy. You are setting forces in motion to create the image in your mind into external form.

The more focused this energy is, the more you start getting pulled towards this image. Your actions and decisions will all be influenced in a way to get you to that picture – to make that picture real and to turn it into material form.

When you stay focused on your vision, you allow yourself to be receptive of these higher level frequencies. And while operating on these frequencies, you start to attract people and situations from the same higher frequency of vibration.

These people and situations that you encounter come into your experience to teach you lessons which will further help you get to your vision. 

Soon when you attain that vision, you’ll look back and be appalled on how everything seemed to work out.

You will notice that things that didn’t make any sense before are now easy to understand. And this is solely because you will at that time be operating at a higher frequency than you are right now.

Steve Jobs mentioned this concept perfectly. He said that you cannot connect the dots going forward. You can only connect them when you look backwards. Going there you just have to remain open and receptive and trust the process. Only when you attain your goal will you be able to look back and say, ahh now it makes sense. 

See people who constantly worry about “the how” don’t allow themselves to access this higher vibration of thought. They rely solely on their intellect to get them to their goals.

But your intellect is simply a catalogue of data that you have collected throughout your life through your five senses. Your intellect only knows what already is, not what CAN be. So how can you rely on your intellect to get you to a far away vision that you have no idea how to get to right now.


This process requires a great level of trust. You MUST trust the process. You must raise your level of awareness from that of just the physical realm and open your mind up to the possibility that there is something greater at play here.

The world is energy my friends and the most powerful energy is energy that we cannot see – it is the energy of our own thoughts and emotions. And the power that they give to us is available to each and everyone of us equally but it is our responsibility to acknowledge that we have this power.

Only then can we use this power to create the life that we want. Your level of what we call success in life will largely be determined by the degree to which you become conscious of this power during your lifetime.

So I hope this helps you become more receptive to your power, if you have any questions or comments, put them in the comment section below.

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March 24, 2018

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