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In this post I will be showing you a visualization technique that is much more effective than the ones that are commonly advertised and talked about. 

By the end of this post, you will know why your old method of visualization was not working and you will find out the secret to actually making your visualizations work – for attracting or manifesting whatever it is that you want in your life. 

I want to show you this unique twist on the conventional visualization method proposed by Vadim Zeland in his book Reality Transurfing and it is going to make all the difference for you in your life. 

Regularly in books and videos we are told to visualize only the end goal. 

Although this is effective to a degree, it is not the fastest method and certainly not the one with a highest chance of working. 

To understand why, you must first understand that the picture that you create of the end goal in your mind is a life line or potential reality that does exist and is possible for you to manifest.

It is a potential reality that is vibrating at a very different frequency than your current vibration. That is why you are living your current reality and not your goal reality.

There is a huge vibrational distance between your goal life line in the alternatives space and the current life line that you are living on. 

Realize that the only reason that visualization is actually effective while pursuing our goals is because it helps you to try to match your current vibrational frequency to the vibrational frequency of your goal life line. 

But because of this big distance in vibration that exists between the two, it is difficult for you to match it. That is no surprise to anyone.

This is the reason people struggle with visualization. It is hard for them to imagine something that is perceived to be so far away from what they are currently experiencing. 

Reality transurfing proposes a different technique which is MUCH more effective. 

Instead of imagining the end goal, imagine the process of moving towards the goal. Imagine your goal unfolding in the way you want it to unfold, little by little. By doing this you spark your intention in the most powerful way. 

See this is because the conventional method of visualization just focuses on the desire. But desire is fairly useless in the process of manifestation.

Desire is the concentration of attention on the goal. But intention is the concentration of attention on the process of moving towards the goal and on how the goal realizes itself.

Intention is what actually gets us to our goal not desire. Desire is just what helps you identify what you want.

When you solely focus on desire, you actually create a larger difference in frequency between your current vibration and your goal. This happens because you are saying to the universe, I want that. But as you say that, you are also saying I don’t have that!

This only pushes you farther away from your goal. 

So don’t just contemplate the goal itself. instead of just visualizing the end goal being accomplished, start visualizing smaller objectives being accomplished in the way you want them to. 

Imagining the end goal does help and can be done as an additional practice, but it does not just move you towards it. It will expand your comfort zone and keep you on track.

The thing that will accelerate the process and really get things going for you now is you imagining the process of moving towards the goal. 

Take for example, if your goal is related to your health or if you want to lose weight, don’t only imagine the end goal of what you want your body to look and feel like in the future.

Look after your body like a mother does her for her child. Imagine that your body is gradually acquiring perfect form and getting better and better. Look after it, train it, and then imagine that your body is slowly either losing more weight, building more muscle, or getting healthier – whatever it may be that you want. 

Because there is a smaller vibrational gap between you and your current objective, it is accomplished much easier. As you continue, you also build momentum which accelerates the process even further. 

Another example can be, career success. If you just started a business and you want to build it into a million dollar business, realize that before becoming a million dollar business, it has to first become a 100,000 dollar business.

So break your bigger million dollar goal into smaller segments and visualize those coming into fruition first. 


Whatever the focus, visualize the process. It will significantly make the process quicker for you and help you achieve the bigger picture. 

To go along with your visualization, it is always good to use affirmations. You can get my free ‘Most Powerful Affirmations’ Worksheet down below. It is full of the most powerful affirmations that I have personally come across.




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Jacquie - September 14, 2018

Thank you Sunny, that makes so much sense and has helped me a lot. I’ve been visualising a small peaceful cottage in the countryside as I cannot be comfortable around people and must be alone with my dog and cat, this is the only time I’m happy. The only way I’ve thought of is to visualise winning the lottery but now realise with your help that it’s so far removed from the vibration I’m in now. What other small steps can you suggest I take please? Thanks in advance if you are able to reply.

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - September 14, 2018

    Hi Jacquie, watch some of my YouTube videos, they will help you further understand what steps you should take. Best of luck to you!

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