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In this post, I will be explaining exactly what pendulums are in the reality transurfing process, how they affect your decisions and your life, and how you can avoid these pendulums so you can stay free to create the life that you want. 

Pendulums are energy structures which are created any time a group of people think similar thoughts regarding a similar purpose.

The people do not have to be near each other. 

When people emit their thought vibrations into space, their thought energy combines with the energy of other people’s thoughts of the same frequency and form an energy structure of their own. 

This energy structure that forms then begins to control all the adherents that it has under its control by influencing the thoughts and emotions of its adherents to benefit its own purpose. 

Don’t think of a pendulum as a person with a mind or a monster or anything like that. It is simply an accumulation of the energy of each person’s individual thoughts which has now formed a momentum of its own and has built a foundation for its existence in the world. 

Take for example, the pendulums regarding fossil fuels and the oil industry, politics, celebrities, and fashion. 

Another great example is the 2016 US presidential election. The whole trump phenomenon had conjured up a certain level of momentum when all the people came together and supported trump’s cause.

And this pendulum caught much more energy and momentum than most pendulums do because it provoked a big emotional response from people all over the world. 

The stronger the emotion that a pendulum is able to provoke out of you, the more energy the pendulum gains, the stronger the pendulum becomes, and the more it begins to control influence your thoughts.

A pendulum does not care if you are in its favor or against it, it simply wants your thought energy because that prolongs its survival. 

Even if you are against what a particular pendulum stands for and you speak out and think against it, you are feeding it with your energy. So for example people, who hate Trump and continue to bash him with their friends are actually helping the trump pendulum by feeding it their energy – making it stronger. 

So you can definitely say that the people who absolutely hate Trump actually helped him win the election just as much as the people who love him. All while being completely unaware of this fact. 

But just like the whole trump brigade, there are pendulums regarding everything. For example sports teams pendulums, the vegan and crossfit pendulums, there are pendulums regarding celebrities, think the kardashians, there’s the game of thrones pendulum, the democrat pendulum, the republican pendulum. You get the idea.

Anytime there is a group of people who think thoughts of a similar frequency, it accumulates into an energy structure of its own and begins to control those people by influencing their thoughts and emotions for its own benefit.

This is how trends come in and go out and how fads become popular and eventually die down. They gain traction and become stronger as more and more people feed them their energy. And then they eventually die down because people lose interest over time and stop feeding them their thoughts.

There are pendulums though regarding certain key issues which have become very, very strong. For example the politics and religion pendulums. These pendulums have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years and have gained an incredible amount of power and momentum. 

Today these pendulums greatly influence their adherent’s thoughts and way of living. This influence is sometimes so strong that the individual even becomes triggered to inflict violence upon other people who support opposing pendulums. 

For this reason, you have to be very careful to not allow pendulums to control your thinking. They work underneath the surface of your perception so this can be quite challenging.

Since all this is energy based, it happens without us knowing. And we become convinced that all the thoughts that we are thinking and the beliefs that we have are our own, when they are not. They are influenced and controlled by pendulums. 

A big part of the reality transurfing process is not allowing pendulums to control your thoughts.

To do so you have to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking and learn to not always take ownership of your thoughts.

Most of your thoughts are actually a recycling of the social conditioning that is being worked from all these different pendulums that exist in our society. 

Pendulums will always demand your attention and provoke your emotion as you go through life and you need to have conscious awareness of your thoughts. You must not get triggered at certain situations and feed pendulums your energy.

For example someone confronts you about one of your beliefs and you become triggered emotionally, it most likely means that you have become identified and hooked to a pendulum. 

You need to have a detached perspective; a detached awareness that allows you to move through life freely. Here’s a practice you can implement in your daily routine. 

  1. Multiple times a day take a pause and notice the thoughts you are thinking. Are these thoughts positive or negative? Are they serving you or not?
  2. Whenever you lose your temper or become triggered emotionally, try to detach yourself from your current thoughts – knowing they are not yours. This will be tough in the beginning but you will learn to gain more control over your reactions to things that are happening around you and then you will be less likely to get hooked onto these pendulums. 
  3. Simply reduce the amount of importance you attribute to things. Understand that others have the freedom to think what they want and believe in what they feel is right for them. Know that just because you believe something to be true, doesn’t make other people’s beliefs wrong.

For example, if Republicans and democrats weren’t so passionate about their cause and their beliefs about what is the right or wrong way to live and if they understood that people living with different perspectives have different realities, there would be more compromise and bipartisan deals. There wouldn’t be so much slander and criticism between the two. 


The great thing is that when you stop feeding these pendulums your energy, you will free up so much of your energy and be free to create the future that you want.

You become emotionally free and gain more control over your power to create your future the way you’d like it. You also free your life from a lot of the drama and conflict that comes along with identifying with pendulums. 



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