What is Reality Transurfing?

In this post I will help you gain a better understanding of the reality transurfing process so you can create the life that you want in an easier manner. 

Reality transurfing is a manifestation process, a philosophy what every you want to call it. What it really is, is  a way of living life. 

Reality transurfing suggests a paradigm in which you can create a pleasant life experience without having to struggle or fight for your place under the sun.

Its principles are established on the do less, accomplish more way of living and it is quite an amazing manifestation technique once you gain a proper understanding of it

Many of the ideas that I am about to discuss are very different to the conventional worldview of how things are so if you hear anything in this video that you downright disagree with, I challenge you to remain open minded and discover its possibilities by perhaps testing it out in your life first. 

Transurfing teaches us not how to fight against our problems, but how to solve them and how to avoid coming up against them in the first place. 

Transurfing suggests that whatever you envision your future to look like or whatever you visualize in your mind is a potential reality that exists as a possibility for you. To manifest that in your life, all you have to do is have the intention to choose the reality that you want and allow it to happen. 

Our ideal reality that we visualize is a potential reality that exists in the alternatives space. The alternatives space is the sum of all possible realities that could potentially exist and that you could think of. We communicate with this potential reality and manifest it into our physical reality through our emotions.

You can manifest your ideal reality by:

  1. Setting a clear intention to choose and have that reality.
  2. By emotionally connecting with that reality. This is made possible by feeling the emotions that you would feel if you were to be in that reality.

Your emotions are your direct connection with the alternatives space. When you feel the emotions you would feel if you were to be in your ideal reality, you start to light up the sector of the alternatives space in which that emotion that you are feeling is abundant.

By continuously lighting up and corresponding your emotions to that sector, you begin to start the process of manifestation. This process makes you shift from your current life line to your ideal life line.

But I also must inform you that it works the opposite way just as well. When you frequently feel negative emotions, you start to correspond with life lines where those negative emotions are in abundance and you start shifting to those life lines.

The energy that you radiate shifts you onto life lines where that energy is abundant. For example, when you continue to feel frustrated and stuck, you will shift onto lifelines in which you frequently feel those emotions.

This is why it is extremely important to be mindful of what emotions you are feeling throughout your day because you are shaping your future through your emotions. 

The conventional worldview suggests to us that when we want something so bad, we will eventually get it.

Reality transurfing suggests that when you want something so bad, you are often putting it on a pedestal and making it out to be prestigious. This actually works against you.

When you are contemplating your goals, don’t attribute extreme importance to them and don’t put them on a pedestal. Instead, set a clear intention that you will have what you desire and feel that it is natural for you to have it.

See, everything in this universe is always striving towards a balance. And in the act of obsessing over your goal, you are creating excess potential energy which is causing an energetic imbalance.

So to get rid of this excess energy, nature’s balancing forces come and eliminate the excess potential and restore equilibrium.

To put it in other words, when think about your goal with obsessive desire, you create too much excess potential energy that goes to waste because it is eliminated by the balancing forces. So by obsessing over your goal, you actually create distance from where you currently are and where your goal is.

This causes you to become increasingly frustrated and confused because your hard work isn’t paying off and by constantly feeling those emotions, you shift to life lines where those emotions are abundant.

So then what are you supposed to do? Should you drop all your goals and desires?

No of course not!

Here’s the trick. You must turn your desire into intention.

Reality transurfing works by activating intention instead of relying on desire. 

Desire is actually useless in the process of manifestation. Desire simply shows you what you want. But it’s doesn’t help you get it. Intention does.

For example, it’s a hot summer day and you are really craving an iced coffee. You have built up a strong desire for iced coffee. Desire has indicated to you that you want the iced coffee but it is useless in helping you actually get the coffee.

In order to actually get the coffee, you have to act on that desire with the intention to get up and go to the coffee shop to buy the coffee.

Here’s a similar and more practical example. Build up the desire to really want to pick up your arm right now. Let your mind think about how bad you want to pick up your arm. See desire is helpful because it indicates to you, what you want to do but it does not produce the action.

The action is produced by turning that desire into intention. Intention doesn’t think about picking up your arm, it simply picks up your arm. Intention works instantly and effortlessly.

The action that intention produces balances out the excess potential energy created by the desire and it helps you move forward.

Desire builds up excess potential.

When we frequently fantasize about our goal but do not act towards it with action, we build up the excess potential energy which works against us.

So you must counteract your desire with the intention to act and have what you wish for.

This is only part 1 of the “What is reality transurfing” series because there is a lot to be discussed about this topic. So stay tuned for more.


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