How To Attract More Opportunities Easily – Reality Transurfing

In this post I will be showing you a reality transurfing technique that will help you attract more opportunities into your life.

If you are unfamiliar with what reality transurfing is, let me just give you a quick overview. Reality transurfing is a manifestation process or way of living life that suggests that any possibility that you can think of or dream of is a reality that exists currently as potential in this present moment. 

You can connect to that reality through the power of your emotions and when you do, you begin the gradual manifestation process of that reality into your current life experience. 

If you would like to learn more about reality transurfing, make sure to watch this video. It is a very powerful way of living life that allows you to pursue achieve you dreams with much more ease and simplicity. 

So now to get to the main part of this video. Here’s the reality transurfing technique that will allow you to attract more positive opportunities into your life. 

Let go of the firm grip you have over your life and let go of the constant need to know exactly how and when things need to happen. 

Now let me explain why you should seriously consider doing this.

As I said before, there are countless potential line lines that you could be living. There are an infinite number of potential life lines and realities that exists in the alternatives space and you can manifest any of those realities by matching up with them vibrationally. 

Throughout your life you are always shifting from one life line to another. What you manifest from the alternatives space is determined by how you emotionally react to what you are currently experiencing. 

In order to move freely towards your dream reality with ease, there is a certain level of control you have to give up. 

Because when your mind becomes attached to a particular script of how things need to happen in your life, you constrict you free movement through the alternatives space. 

Instead you need to emotionally detach yourself from what is happening in your life currently and trust where your heart is taking you. 

Your heart is connected to the alternatives space in which your ideal reality or dream reality exists. Your heart knows how to get you from where you currently are to where you want to go. Whereas your mind has NO CLUE. But the firm control that you have over your life is through your mind – and that’s what you need to let go of. 

The mind feels the need to be in charge. It is fearful for the future and needs to ensure your survival so it needs to know the exact script of how you will get to your goal or attain your dream. 

But let me ask you this question, if your mind doesn’t have a connection to the alternatives space, how can it know how to shift you to a different reality. Your mind only knows what already exists, it doesn’t know what is yet to come. So how can you rely on your mind to take you where you have never been?

For example, if your goal is to make a million dollars and you have never made a million dollars before, how can you solely rely on your mind to help you achieve the million dollars – something that it has no idea how to do.  

See the tighter your grip of control over yourself and your life, the more tension you create. The more tension you create, the more disconnected you become from the heart. And the more disconnected you become from the heart, the more obstacles come into your life and the more constricted you become in your movement through the alternatives space. 

So yes, it is true that most of the obstacles that exist in your life right now are created by your own mind. And you can release these obstacles from your life naturally by letting go of your firm grip and the need to have everything under control. 

Reality transurfing dives deep into the connection between the heart and mind. If you would like me to make more videos regarding the heart and mind relationship, let me know in the comments below. 

A big part of the reality transurfing process is to let go of the grip and trust the alternatives flow.

What does this mean? Let go of the constant need to know exactly how everything needs to happen and instead trust that it will. 

To move through the alternatives space from your current position to where you want to go, requires a certain level of trust in the universe. 

Don’t make this out to be a difficult thing. Instead look at the uncertainty as an exciting thing. You can find comfort in the thought that literally anything is possible. Your whole life can turn around today IF you are open to the possibility. But your life can never turn around as long as your mind is restricting it with the grip of its control to its current script that it has planned out. 

The more you stay attached to your script of how things need to happen, the more you will restrict your opportunities and the more you will suffer when things happen off script. So let go of the grip and follow the alternatives flow. 

When your mode of operation switches from the mind to the heart, you will begin to live with a lot more ease and a lot less conflict. You will recognize more opportunities when they come to you and you will come up against less obstacles.

Here is a practice that will help you to let go of the grip. 

When something happens that is not according to your plan, think of the event as part of the plan. This is why this works. We talked before about how your mind is not connected to the alternatives space, your heart is. In order for you to actually get to your dream life, you will end up going through some events that you have not planned and could not have imagined would happen. 

These events will be off the mind’s script. It won’t make sense to your mind how the thing that just happened could possibly help make your life better but you have to trust the heart and believe the event to be positive. 

Also, another reason this will work in your favor is because everything in life gets whatever meaning that you give to it. When an event occurs in your life, there are two branches that that event could go off into, positive and negative. The direction in which you will go doesn’t depend as much on the event itself but instead on your relationship to the event. 

For example, if you something bad happens to you, and you react to it negatively and give it negative meaning, you will go off into the negative branch and onto a life line where more negative things are present. 

But if something bad happens to your and you think of it as a positive thing and part of your journey, you will go off into the positive branch and that bad event will be turned into something beneficial for you in your future. 

I am not asking you to trust my advice on this at all. Literally try this in your life and you will come to see that when you give everything a positive meaning, that is the meaning it gets. That thing will literally start to hold that meaning for you in your life. 

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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