The Most Powerful Reality Transurfing Technique

In this post, I will share with you the most powerful reality transurfing technique that will absolutely change your life forever.

Hi this is Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest and today I want to show you a reality transurfing technique that can change your life very quickly.

Here it is:

The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it. If you tun your back against the world, the world will turn its back on you. If you fight the world, the world will fight back. Once you end the battle, it ends. 

You might not understand the magnitude of this statement yet so let me explain it to you more clearly. 

The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it.

Meaning your life will literally change when you change the way you look at it; when you change the lens through which you look at it.

Your world will change according to how you react to what is happening to you. When you end the battle against the world, the world will literally fall at your feet…

When you train your ability to react positively to everything that is happening to you, you will change your perception and your perception is what controls and determines the outcome of every single event in your life. 

When things don’t go according to your plan, your mind freaks out. Your mind produces all sorts of unsettling, fearful thoughts fueled with anxiety.

This makes you lose control over your actions and you start to act according to those negative thoughts and emotions. 

You begin to have contracted awareness and start to look at the world as a threatening place and you start to fight against it.

Unconsciously YOU MAKE A CHOICE to live in a hostile world full of negative events always happening to you. 

And by law, the world reciprocates your choice and becomes hostile.

But what if I told you there is a better choice.

What if I told you that if you changed the way you reacted to the things that are happening to you, the world you look at will change. What if I told you that you don’t have to fight and struggle to live a beautiful happy life? 

See your mind freaks out because it looks at uncertainty with fear. It looks at everything that doesn’t happen according to plan and labels it as bad.

But your mind is not connected to the alternatives space(the realm of all possible events) and therefore it has no way of predicting what is to come in the future. 

That’s why it labels things as good or bad or failure and success solely on if they were a part of its original plan. 

But let me ask you this question, how can the mind construct a plan to take you somewhere you have never been before?

How could it possibly know if an event is good or bad for your future? 

Simple, it can’t.

Only the heart can because it is directly connected to the alternatives space. Your heart knows how to get you from where you currently are to where you want to go.

That’s why your heart does’t freak out when an apparent failure takes place. It knows that everything that is happening is part of the plan and is getting you to where you want to go.

With this knowledge, when something happens to you that wasn’t a part of the mind’s plan, you can attune to the power of the heart and retain your innate ability to create a positive abundant life. 

Always remember, the outcome of the situation is dependent on NOT the situation itself, but instead your attitude about the situation.

If you fight against the situation, the situation will fight back. If you accept and allow it, and look at it as positive, it will reward you. 

Here are two ways you can practice this principle in your life. 

#1: A reality transurfing technique called coordination.

This is how you do it: Anytime you get “bad” news, react positively.

This will enable you to break through the negative energy of the pendulum, retain your freedom of choice, and transform that event into something positive for your future. 

This will absolutely change your life and your perspective quite quickly. You can even practice this with little things throughout your day.

Anytime something happens that irritates you or frustrates you or ignites anger from within you, you have to wake up and realize what is happening right then and there. 

You have to realize that a destructive pendulum is trying to provoke you and trying to hook on to you. In that moment you have to decide to stop playing the pendulum’s game and break the rules of its game by not reacting the way it is expecting you to react. 

When you react positively to something “bad” that happens in your life, you transform that event into something positive. You won’t be able to see just how this will happen, but it will.

Additionally, you gain the energy that the pendulum used to try to provoke you and you retain that energy which makes you stronger.

There are two branches to every event that occurs. Each branch represents a life line; one positive and one negative. 

When an event occurs in your life and you fight against it and perceive it to be negative, life will fight back and most definitely transform that event into event into something negative in your future.

Because of this you will suffer, be in pain, and become stuck in the energy of that negative branch life line. 

But if that same event occurred in your life and you accepted it just as it was and perceived it to positive, life would have reflected that relationship and transformed that event into something positive.

By giving a positive meaning to that event, you would have went onto the positive branch life line where positive energy lies in abundance.

See it’s not at all about the event that occurs itself but purely how you relate to that event. Practicing this can become a superpower for you that will transform even the smallest frustration into something positive.                 

#2: Whenever you see something missing in your life, try to find the cause of it within yourself and heal that part of yourself. 

For example, if you think that people don’t love you enough and don’t treat you well, take a look at how you treat yourself and truly consider if you show yourself as much love as you want others to show to you.

Often times, we are so self critical that the harsh lens we look at ourselves through is projected onto how others view us. Other people will look at you similarly to how you look at yourself. 

So if you are constantly hard on yourself for your character traits and your negative qualities, other are more likely to be hard on you for them too. 

But if you neglect your negative qualities and focus on appreciating your good qualities, others will do the same.

This is the way to fix the way others look at you. Change the way you look at yourself. 

How can you expect others to love you and admire you if you yourself are so hard on yourself and criticize yourself so much!

Therefore, love yourself as much as you want others to love you. Treat yourself as well as you want others to treat you. Don’t be self critical and hate your negative qualities. Accept and appreciate yourself the way you are and focus on your strengths.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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