Reality Transurfing – 3 Ways To Avoid Pendulums

In this post I will show you how to easily identify and avoid pendulums along with getting trapped into their negative energy.

Hi this is Sunny from personal mastery and today, I want to show you exactly how you can avoid getting hooked onto negative energy pendulums.

Pendulums in the reality transurfing process are energy structures that form from a collection of people’s thoughts that are of the same frequency. 

The goal of a pendulum is to provoke an emotional response from within you so that you get attached to it and constantly feed it with your thought energy. 

Pendulums are the web of social conditioning that are trying to impose certain thoughts and beliefs within you.

You might say, why would you want to avoid pendulums in the first place?

Well, you want to avoid getting hooked onto pendulums so that you can retain your freedom of choice. So that you can actually live the life that is best for you instead of living a life paved by other people’s beliefs. 

Because when you get hooked onto pendulums, your thoughts, emotions, and actions are greatly influenced by the pendulums. In this process you start to live entirely according to pendulums and not according to your true Self.

This shifts you away from your ideal life line onto other life lines where there is more conflict, problems, obstacles, and suffering. 

You also start to experience negative thoughts and emotions that you pick up from the pendulums.

You start to think they are your thoughts but they are not. They are recycled thoughts of others that are picked up by your conscious mind through the pendulum.

This is the reason most people are unhappy and unfulfilled today. People who easily get hooked onto pendulums(and honestly that is 99% of people), spend their entire lives chasing thoughts and desires that aren’t theres in the first place.

Because of this,their entire lives end up being a chase for something greater, something more. But they never get there

And they experience negative thoughts that they think are theirs which they then attribute a lot of importance to by giving them their attention. This only invites more negative thoughts to come to them. 

The main point is, a pendulum will try to provoke you emotionally and instill thoughts in you that benefit not you, but the pendulum.

Pendulums will try to get a response out of you and then once you begin to act the way they are expecting you to, you start to get more and more attached – all while giving away your freedom to live a happy life that you actually want. 

So now the main part of this post, how do you avoid pendulums? Here are three ways. 

#1: Anytime you encounter group of people who have beliefs that strongly oppose the beliefs of another group, it most likely means that they have a strong pendulum around their cause or purpose. 

Pendulums oppose other pendulums that are a threat to their own existence.

For example, the republican and democrat pendulums will influence their adherents to view each other as wrong and as potential threats. They will infuse within their adherents, a strong sense of identity with the beliefs that benefit their own pendulum.

See, pendulums need all the energy they can get out of you in order to get stronger. The best way to do this is to make you believe that the beliefs of the pendulum are right and whoever believes something different is wrong.

Also, not only does a pendulum gain energy from the adherents that support it, it gains energy from people who go against it as well.

For example, Donald Trump has a very strong pendulum around him. His supporters are extremely passionate about their beliefs and believe everyone else to be incorrect.

But just as strongly as they support trump, his haters oppose him just as strongly as well. Both sides equally fuel the pendulum with their energy without even knowing it.

Always remember, it makes no difference to the pendulum if you speak for it or against it. As long as you are involved in whichever way emotionally, you are feeding it with your energy.  

So to avoid this, don’t get involved in groups which strongly oppose other groups because you will eventually be sucked into their pendulum and begin to act as the pendulum’s puppet(unconsciously).

Learn to stay emotionally detached and realize that both sides have the right to believe in whatever they believe to be correct. And that neither one of them in particular is correct or incorrect.

Anytime someone tries to involve you in a discussion regarding something that has a strong pendulum around it, ignore them in a polite manner and move on.

Your job is to pass by indifferently, not try hard in avoiding it.

#2: Anytime somebody tries to inflict negativity upon you, you must acknowledge in that moment that you are being confronted with a destructive pendulum. You must not get emotionally involved or you will become hooked onto its energy. 

So anytime something or someone tries to provoke you emotionally, anytime you feel like a strong emotion is being provoked from within you, simply acknowledge what is happening and remove yourself from the situation. 

People who are easily emotionally attached to situations that happen to them are beneficial to pendulums because they help attract more people to the pendulum.

For example, a person watches a news story about a murder that recently happened in the community. This person feels very bad about the victims and their families and so he begins to discuss the murder with their family, friends, makes Facebook posts about it, has arguments about it etc. 

These people help pendulums gain more traction by attracting other people’s attention and energy. 

So do your best to avoid these types of people. If you do encounter a person provoking you with their negative stories, acknowledge them and politely move right along without strongly reacting or becoming emotionally involved. 

Don’t go out of your way to avoid these people and their stories because that will work against you since you would be exerting energy trying to go against the pendulum.

Simply move freely past these people with detached awareness. Ignore what they say and don’t let them get you emotionally hooked onto what they have to say. 

#3: Anytime you have started to feel very strongly about a particular subject, it is likely that you have been hooked onto a pendulum.

As a rule of thumb, the stronger your feelings are about a certain topic or issue, the more influenced you have become by the pendulum. 

As I mentioned before, pendulums will influence you to get highly emotionally involved and make you identify with their beliefs. When they are successful in this, you begin to think more though the identity that the pendulum has built for you rather than your own true self.

Even with your goals and dreams. Once you see yourself obsessing over them, take a step back and reduce the importance you attribute to them.

There’s a difference between being passionate about your goals and your values, and having your goals and dreams have full control over your life.

You can work towards your goals with passion but at the same time remain detached.

See, having a detached perspective doesn’t mean that you are not passionate or don’t care about anything or cannot enjoy anything.

One of the people I follow, Jay Shetty, explains that detachment doesn’t mean you don’t own anything. It means that nothing owns you.

It simply means that you have control over your own thoughts and you don’t feed into the energy of pendulums. Because as soon as you do, your thoughts start being influenced by thoughts that aren’t yours and this robs you of your freedom of choice. 

So you can work towards your goals and dreams with passion, but as soon as you start to attribute too much importance to them, know that you have begun identifying with a certain pendulum.

So, those were three ways you can identify and avoid pendulums. 

Remember, having a detached perspective allows you to move freely through life and create the life that is most suitable for you according to your own desires, not the desires of pendulums. 

It allows you to free up so much emotional energy that can now go towards a specific goal or purpose rather than going to the pendulum. 

So once you stop giving pendulums your thought energy, you will notice yourself having more composure and control over your own self and your life. 


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