Reality Transurfing Vs. Law Of Attraction – Which Is Better?

This post discusses Reality Transurfing vs. Law of Attraction.

Here are the key similarities and differences between reality transurfing teachings and the traditional law of attraction teachings so you can decide which manifestation process works best for you.

Before we get into it, I would like to state that no process is better than the other and that neither process is incorrect.

They both work and it’s really all about finding out which one suits YOU best. It is all about which one makes your life easier and more fun.

So, the 3 biggest differences. Here they are.

#1: Law of attraction teachings make it seem like your dream life and your ideal self is something that is outside of you far away and that you have to attract it towards yourself.

Reality transurfing on the other hand, suggests that your dream life and ideal self exists right now in this present moment. It is a version of you that is just vibrating at a different frequency that you can connect to through your emotions. LOA implies this too but just in a different way which most people actually misinterpret. 

So the way it is stated in Reality transurfing is better because it shows that it is not so much about attracting something from outside of you as much as it is about becoming the desired version of yourself by connecting with it through the power of your emotion, right here in the present moment.

#2: The law of attraction process focuses on desire where as reality transurfing focuses on intention.

Through traditional law of attraction practices you have always been told to focus on your desire as often as possible and feel as if it has already been achieved.

Reality transurfing suggests that desire is fairly useless in the process of manifestation. All desire does is indicate to you what you want but it does not produce any action. 

For example, create a strong desire right now to lift up your right arm. You’ll see that you feel that you want to lift up your arm but that nothing happens. But as soon as you have the intention to act on that desire and to pick up your right arm, your arm lifts immediately. 

Therefore, desire is a useful tool but it does not produce any action. Intention is what produces all action in the universe. So, to move forward you must turn your desire into the intention to act and have. 

#3: Law of attraction teachings widely praise faith and believing in the reality of what you want. Reality transurfing on the other hand explains that where there is faith there is always room for doubt. 

In most people, this doubt is greater than faith, which is why they don’t make progress. The faith is hard to build and their doubt holds them back. 

The mind is only certain about something when it is confronted with fact, when it knows something to be true. 

Therefore, theres no point in trying to make yourself believe something that you don’t yet know to be true. Reality transurfing suggests you must just choose the reality you want to live, take one step in front of the other, and just KNOW that it is manifesting. 

It suggests to try out the teachings and be mindful of the results you see in your life. When you do see results little by little, your mind will be convinced of the teachings reality. There will be a knowing, not just a believing. 

Now here are the 2 biggest similarities.

#1: The key to both processes is conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions.

In law of attraction teachings it is suggested to feel good as often as possible and work to restore your state of being every time you notice you have become unaligned. 

The main point in reality transurfing is to keep importance at a minimum and keeping the end goal in mind while taking one step in front of the other towards its direction. Both of these things would be impossible without conscious awareness. 

Awareness is the foundation upon which both processes are built and awareness of your thoughts and emotions is what will allow you to maneuver and implement their techniques properly. 

#2: Another key is emotional detachment – also similar to what is taught in many of the worlds largest religions. 

Most human suffering is self-created by the mind because of attachment. Everything in life is always in constant motion. Change is the only constant. 

But your mind has the tendency to cling onto what currently exists in your life. And this always causes suffering long term because it forbids you from moving freely with the flow of life. Because in order to let in the new, you must let go of the old when the right time comes.

As long as you are attached to the people and things in your life, you will keep holding yourself back and cause yourself to suffer the consequences.

Once you learn to go with the flow of life, things sort out on their own and everything works out for the better. Emotional detachment is preached is an integral part of living your life through both reality transurfing and Law of attraction teachings. 

Which one do I like better?

I do love both BUT I prefer using the reality transurfing method because its instructions make it much easier to consistently maintain a state of being that is necessary to direct the manifestation process in the way you want.

Reducing importance is such an amazing way guys, to speed up the manifestation process.

When you just allow things to be the way they are and accept them, you let go of the deadly grip that holds you back from moving forward.

I have used many traditional law of attraction teachings and will continue to use them going forward, but reality transurfing has really enhanced my understanding of the whole manifestation process along with just how to live a great balanced life.  

Reality transurfing offers a more detailed approach than most Law of attraction teachings I have encountered and it is easier to apply them.

Not only that, but it is also easier to catch yourself when you are slipping off and then easier to fix what you were doing wrong.

This is why I have committed to making reality transurfing content on this blog and on my Youtube Channel.

I believe that Vadim Zeland can sometimes be difficult to understand. Many people find it hard to understand his concepts from the book.

These videos are my way of expanding Vadim’s teachings forward to the public.

So I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions please comment them down below. 


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Gianfranco Meza - May 11, 2018

Keep up the good work on Transurfing !

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - May 17, 2018

    Thank you!

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