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In this post I will be showing you how to speed up the manifestation process of whatever you want to happen in your life by the reality transurfing method of reducing importance.

When we pursue our dream life, we often attribute the end goal too much importance.

We start treating our current life and the present moment as a means of getting to where we want to go. We give the end goal so much importance and meaning that we even start obsessing over it. 

By doing this, we put the end goal and our dream life on a pedestal, making it seem prestigious and something that we have to achieve or strive for. 

The reality transurfing method shows that this purely works against you and creates a vibrational gap between your current life line and your dream life line.

One of the most important principles of reality transurfing is reducing the importance of your goals.

This is very different from the conventional way of doing things which is why you might not understand right away why this works, so let me explain this to you further.

When you imagine your dream life, you are imagining something that is real. Your ideal life and your ideal self is currently exists as potential in the alternatives space(the realm of all possibilities). 

It is currently vibrating at a very different frequency than the life you are currently living.

To get there, your job is to bridge the vibrational gap between your current life and vibration and your ideal life and vibration.

This is done through the power of emotions. You have the ability to connect with your dream life that is in the alternatives space through feeling the emotions you would feel if you were living that life.

When you constantly feel the emotions that would be abundant in your dream life, you start to connect with your dream life and begin to manifest it in your current experience.

Do you now see why people have a difficult time achieving their goals?

Instead of feeling the positive emotions that they would feel if their dream had already been achieved, they continue to practice the negative emotions of their current life. They focus only on the lack.

This only furthers the vibrational gap between you and your dream and it takes you away from your dream life.

When most people think about their dreams, they think about it as fantasy that lies somewhere beyond what they actually believe they can achieve. Really think about this consciously right now. 

How do you think of your dreams?

When you are visualizing or thinking about what you want in your life, do you think of it as something that is far away from you or something that will require a lot of hard work?

This is what creates this elusive chase. This is why most people never actually achieve the success they desire.

The lens through which they look at their dream makes their dream life out to be something that has the same chance as them winning a lottery. 

Whereas, your dream life isn’t at all something that is prestigious. Human beings are meant to have every single thing that their heart desires.

The only reason we don’t believe that is because of thousands of years of social conditioning through pendulums. If you don’t know what pendulums are, check that blog post out here.

Instead, you must look at your dream as something that is natural for you to achieve.

When you visualize your dream, don’t picture yourself going crazy or super excited about achieving the dream.

Picture yourself having the feeling of knowing that you now have what was meant to be yours in the first place.

Your current life situation might be tough and it might be difficult for you to practice positive emotions right now at this stage of your life.

This is where reducing importance comes into play.

Reducing importance of your end goal means to stop putting your the end goal on a pedestal. Stop making your dream out to be something prestigious that has to be achieved through a lot of striving and hard work. 

Make your visualization and dream to just be like the next step in your journey of life. Make it seem totally natural.

Look around you right now. If you are watching reading this article, chances are that there are millions of people in the world who would love to have your life and would think of your current life as their dream life.

But you just live naturally and don’t think of your life as something crazy good at all….

There’s a level of expectancy that you have of having the things that you have, of having the privileges, the comforts, the conveniences, the luxuries, and the abilities that you already have. 

That is how you have to think of your dream life as. Build that same level of expectancy.

Think of your dream life as something that is natural for you to live. It is not something that has to be achieved or something that you must work hard for.

Your dream life is meant to be yours as long as you make the choice to have it.

And if you constantly picture your dream life in this way and keep this attitude while taking small daily steps in its direction, many doors of opportunity will open to you and you will eventually get there.

The journey might be longer for some people than others, but you WILL get there as long as you keep this attitude and take daily steps towards it.


Throughout your journey, keep importance at a minimum. If on the way you are feeling frustrated or impatient, know that you have again attributed too much importance to the end goal. 

In that moment, reduce importance once again. Get back to living in the present moment, being appreciative for all that you currently have, and looking forward to your dream as natural and completely normal. 


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