Living In Detachment – Reality Transurfing

In this post I will show you how to make your life way easier through the reality transurfing method of living in detachment. 

We don’t only attribute too much importance to our goals and dreams, we also attribute importance to everything else in our lives that we come across. From people, to physical objects, to job titles, to incomes, to lifestyles etc.

By attributing a lot of importance to anything in your life, you build an attachment to it and lose a certain amount of your freedom to that thing. Because now, that thing has a certain level of control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

This works against you.

A fundamental truth of life is that everything is in constant motion – Things are ALWAYS changing. 

But in order to really move forward with this change, you have to move with the alternatives flow and appreciate this flow of life. But when you are attached to your current life, you restrict the fluidity of this flow.

You become rigid and get hooked on pendulums which then forbid you to move forward.

Know this one reality transurfing principle: Whenever you give too much meaning and too much importance to anyone or anything in your life, you are setting yourself up for hardship and suffering in the long term.

This is because importance is the bait that pendulums use to control your actions. Importance is the only way pendulums get you to become hooked and begin to control your life. 

If you let go of importance, they have nothing to hold onto. When you are free of pendulums, you can finally live freely and move effortlessly with the flow of life and avoid suffering. 

Here’s why attachment holds you back and restricts your ability to move with the flow of life. 

Attachment builds a dependent relationship with whatever you are attached to. It is mind based – It clings on for safety, certainty and survival.

Therefore when something happens that was not according to plan, you freak out and go into a contracted state of awareness where you don’t act according to your true self. Instead you act in accordance with pendulums and social conditioning. 

Detachment on the other hand is unconditional and understanding. Detachment is heart based – it trusts, goes with the flow, and knows everything will be okay, because that is the nature of life.

When you are detached, you are not bothered if things happen not according to plan. You don’t seek certainty in one particular path. Instead, you find safety in uncertainty because you understand that infinite possibilities exist. 

This is how this whole process works:

Your heart is connected to alternatives space(the realm of all possibilities). Your heart knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

Your mind is not connected to the alternatives space but your mind is the one that tries to map out the path of exactly how you will achieve your goal. 

Your mind has this firm grip of how things need to go in order for you to be happy. It needs to rationalize everything.

When you attribute importance and meaning to something, your mind starts to automatically create space for that thing in your life. It starts to plan out your future with it and requires your relationship with it to go a certain way.

If it doesn’t go the way it is planned, you suffer. 

What most people do is get lost in this map of the mind while completely ignoring the intuition coming from the heart.

They go round and round in the patterns of the mind but ignore the source that is connected to the alternatives space. This is how most people live and this is why most people today are unhappy.

So an integral part of living with detachment is trusting the heart and going with the alternatives flow – knowing that everything that is happening in your life is serving your evolution and is for your highest good.

When you create this perspective and live through it, you let go of the deadly grip of control that is currently holding you back.

By reducing importance and trusting the flow of life, you start to reduce the control that your mind has over your life and bring the heart back into the drivers seat as well. 

When this unity of heart and mind occurs, you effortlessly move with the alternatives flow to your desired destination.

This is why some people are able to manifest better than others. They have this unity of heart and mind. 

Now, lets move onto the topic of detachment.

How can you create this unity of heart and mind through detachment?

This might be hard for you to believe or understand, I personally still struggle with this from time to time. 

Here it is: Nothing matters very much. 

Everything only gets meaning when you give it meaning. You can think of something as stupid and completely meaningless but someone else can look at that same thing and find it so important. 

For example, you might not care about how many likes you get on your Instagram picture but those likes could mean the world to your friend.

When you don’t get many likes you won’t let it bother you. Whereas if that happens to your friend, he or she will be so upset that they might even think about deleting the picture.

See even something little can have incredible meaning if you GIVE it meaning. But overall, it has absolutely zero meaning, unless YOU GIVE it that much meaning.

Meaning = importance. 

With this knowledge comes one really amazing realization:

Nothing really means anything and that you can reduce the amount of pain and suffering in your life by identifying what have you given excess meaning and importance to, and then reducing the importance. 

Now you can look at this principle two ways. 

#1: Pessimistic view: Everything is meaningless and life has no meaning. – This will do no benefit.

#2: Optimistic view: Nothing matters very much therefore you can just let go of what you can’t control and enjoy what already is. – This will change your life.

The secret and paradox of detachment is, the moment you let go of the search, the moment you let go of trying so hard, the moment you free up your grip is the moment you become connected with the heart.

And once you become connected with your heart you literally start to get everything you wanted in the first place. But now you get it effortlessly instead of having to struggle and strive tirelessly.  

Here are 2 exercises you can use to become more detached. 

#1: Whenever you become frustrated/annoyed/angry – stop and ask yourself where you have increased importance. What have you become attached to?

You could have become attached to an outcome, a person, an object, an emotion etc.

Or did you start expecting someone to act a certain way that was aligned with the way YOU wanted them to act?

All these attachments are ego based. They always lead to conflict. No one owes you anything. Everyone has the right to act the way they want. 

If you have become emotionally triggered by someone else, know that its not them who is emotionally triggering you. It is your relationship to what has happened that is triggering you. 

It’s not their fault. The fault is in the way you have perceived the event. And you have absolute control over how you feel about what just happened. If you wish to change how you feel about what happened to you, change the way you look at it.

Whenever something happens that you don’t like, think of it as a pendulum trying to knock you off the alternatives flow.

The pendulum expects you to react to a bad situation with frustration and discontent. When you act in the opposite way, the pendulum can’t hook onto you and that “bad” situation will get transformed into something positive.

#2: Start looking your journey towards your goals, your relationships, and everything that is happening to you like you are watching a movie.

You are the viewer watching your life as the movie from a detached 3rd person perspective. 

When something bad happens to the main character in a movie, you might temporarily feel sad for him but you know that he will bounce back and come back stronger. 

So doesn’t matter what happens, look at it from a 3rd person perspective. This will allow you to not give so much meaning to every little thing that happens in your life.

This will literally get rid of most problems in your life.


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