How To Accept Yourself And Your Life – Reality Transurfing

In this post I will show you a simple principle that will allow you to accept yourself and your life situation the way they are and transform them into something positive. 

Everything is unfolding as it should. Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you. 

Now you might not be happy with where you are in life right now but this one simple principle can change your entire life. Here’s why.

This perspective coordinates your intention in the best possible way in whatever situation you are currently in.

For those of you who don’t know, intention is the power that influences all change in the universe. All of us have this power but most of us don’t know how to use it.

To understand the principle of life happening FOR you, you have to first understand that your mind cannot know how anything SHOULD happen.

Your mind pretty much has a plan of how it wants everything to happen, but your mind has no way of knowing what is to come in the future.

Therefore it cannot know how your current situation can be used to propel you towards the life you actually want. But it can. 

When you start living with this perspective, you allow your intention to transform your current situation into something positive for you in the future. 

See fact of the matter is, things already are the way they are. You cannot go back and change anything and there’s absolutely zero benefit in dwelling within the negativity of the situation.

Most people dwell within the negativity, therefore their situation is given a negative meaning and that is exactly what it becomes for them. 

You on the other hand, if you give it a positive meaning, that is what it will become for you.

So it really comes down to choice. It is completely your choice to either delight or suffer.

I sometimes struggle with this myself. Sometimes I get so caught up in results not coming as fast as I want them to and I completely get lost within my negative thoughts. 

I then start to worry and create false scenarios about of what I’m doing is enough. Will it ever actually work? Will I be successful? I start to over emphasize any negative situation that currently exists in my life. 

And while doing all this, I completely lose my awareness and become trapped within my own head.

This is when I have to snap myself or of it. I meditate or go for a walk or a run or simply just stop everything I am doing and become mindful of my own thoughts.

I come back to my centered awareness and detach myself from my situation by viewing it from a 3rd person perspective. I reduce the amount of importance I am attributing to my results and just try to show gratitude for all that I already have.

Then I tell myself that everything is unfolding the way it should be. Everything is happening at is own pace and that’s not something I should try to control. Everything that is happening is happening for my highest good and is serving the intentions that I have set. 

See when i come back to this mindset I vastly improve my state of being and I instantly start to feel better. Not only do I feel better but my intention also starts to have more power because I purify it of the importance that was holding me down.

And as a result, I start to transform my situation into something positive. Things begin to run more smoothly and I start to get better results. Sometimes things still don’t happen as fast as I want but in this state of mind, I don’t get bothered by that. 

It’s all about maintaining a state of being that will shift you to other positive life lines where other positive emotions exists in abundance.

This will work for you too.

I encourage you to try it as often as possible with anything even little during your day. 

Anytime something goes wrong or anytime a result that you want is taking longer than you expected, say to yourself everything is unfolding just the way it should be. And then feel joy regarding your present situation rather than suffering it. 

By changing your state of being, your situation will automatically start to reflect it and will start to change as well.

Always remember guys: Life is your mirror and it reflects your relationship to it.

When you don’t like appearance in the mirror, you don’t try to clean the mirror, you simply change your own appearance and the mirror reflects it directly. 

So instead of fighting what you see in the mirror of life, jump for joy and clap your hands in delight. Let the mirror give you pleasure. 

Once you change your state of being, once you change your relationship to whatever you see, what you see will change accordingly.


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