What is Reality Transurfing? – Most Important Facts

In this post I will show you the most important facts you need to know about reality transurfing.

First, I will give you the 3 things you should do to reduce the amount of problems and suffering in your life and to achieve you biggest goals and dreams.

And then, I will give you 10 very important facts about the reality transurfing process that will help you better understand what reality transurfing is and how to live through its principles. 

So first, here are the 3 things you should incorporate into your daily life to see fast results. 

#1: Avoid getting hooked onto pendulums.

For those of you who don’t know, a pendulum is the collective energy that forms around a particular group when people from that group think similar thoughts. Their thought energy forms an energy structure around that topic or group and gains a life and momentum of its own.

It then starts to influence and control all the people under it who are feeding it their thought energy. In other words, pendulums are the web of social conditioning that is constantly trying to control the way you think.

Check out the video on pendulums here.

Back to the main point. Avoid pendulums by becoming consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions. Realize that most of the thoughts that you think aren’t actually your thoughts. They are the thoughts that countless pendulums are feeding your mind. 

In order to be truly free to pursue your own goals and desires, to be truly free of conflict and problems in your life, you need to avoid getting hooked on pendulums. You do this by reducing the amount of importance that you attribute to anything.

Live life with a detached perspective and don’t identify with certain issues or personalities or expectations. Check out the video about reducing importance here.

#2: Visualize your dream life every single day.

Your dream life currently exists as a potential reality and is absolutely possible for you to manifest in your current life experience. 

Visualization is a tool that will help you emotionally connect with your dream life and start its manifestation process into your current life experience. Check out the video about how to visualize properly here.

#3: Coordinate your intention positively.

Use the coordination of intention technique every single time you come across something you don’t like.

Here’s how to do it: Anytime you come across something you don’t like and that wasn’t according to your plan, no matter how bad you think it is at first, attribute a positive meaning to it.

When you believe that everything that is happening to you is meant for your greater good, that is exactly what happens.

So when you start giving a positive meaning to everything, you will transform all events into something positive for you future. Check out the video on coordinating intention here

Now, here are 10 important facts about Reality Transurfing. 

#1: Pendulums surround every single topic and are present around everything good and bad.

There is no need for you to identify what the pendulum is specifically involved with, you just need to know that pendulums will try to provoke you throughout your entire day and life and you need to be consciously aware so that you can avoid falling in their trap. 

#2: Infinite parallel realities exist right now in this moment.

In other words, anything you can imagine is real and it exists right now in this moment. It currently exists as potential in the alternatives space – which is the realm of all possibilities. You can manifest anything from the alternatives space by connecting to it through the power of your emotions. 

#3: Feeling is king.

Your heart is directly connected to the alternatives space. So when you feel the emotions you would feel if you had what you desire, you connect with the sector of the alternatives space which has what you want and manifest it into your life experience.

#4: Manifestation takes place when there is unity of heart and mind.

When heart and mind agree on a belief or desire, you become connected to the sector or reality in the alternatives space and its manifestation process starts.

#5: In order to manifest, focus on feeling good and keeping your state of being positive.

Instead of focusing on the thing you want, focus on producing the feeling that you will have when you have that thing. 

#6: Listen to your heart.

Throughout your life, your heart desires what is actually meant for your unique soul and what is meant to be yours.

But your mind, being controlled by pendulums fails to listen to the heart’s intuition due to the overwhelming turbulence of thought activity caused by the pendulums. But when you start to listen to the heart and build

#7: You have talents and abilities that are unique to you.

Everyone in this world does but only a few ever figure out theirs during their lifetime. For most people, their entire lives are controlled by pendulums.

They spend their entire lives falling prey to the limiting beliefs that pendulums instill within them about what is possible and what is not.

So because of this immense amount of social conditioning ever since they were a baby, they never realize their own freedom to express their true self and find their purpose. 

#8: Everything in life gets whatever meaning you give it.

If something happens to you and you think that it is bad, it will be bad and maybe get worse. If that same event happens to you and you think of it as positive and good, that is what it will turn out to be.

Life is all about perspective. If you change the perspective(lens) through which you look at something, the thing you look at will change entirely. 

#9: Your life is your mirror.

If you act bitter and hate everything around you, the mirror will reflect what you feel and give you more to hate and be bitter about. If you love others, act happy and pleasant, the mirror will reflect that and give you more to be pleasant and happy about. 

#10: The battle and struggle for a better life ends when you stop fighting.

Acceptance and appreciation are your two best friends. Learn to accept what is, and then set the intention for something better. Stop suffering your situation. Feel your way through it. Find delight in it and the situation will be transformed.

It is completely your choice if you want to suffer or be happy, you can’t entirely control what happens to you but you CAN control how you feel. 


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