Instant Manifestation – Instantly Manifest Through Reality Transurfing

In this post, I will show you how to spark instant manifestation through the reality transurfing perspective. 

But before we get to into that, you need to learn one extremely important thing that is necessary for instant manifestation.

You have to realize that every single reality that you can imagine for yourself is real and it exists in this moment. 

That means that your desire is is real and it exists currently as a potential reality that you can absolutely have. 

When you are talking about manifesting through the law of attraction or reality transurfing, you have to realize that there is no such thing as time and space. Time and space only exist in our mind. But in reality, there is only this moment and everything that ever was and ever will be exists right now in this moment.

When the past was here you experienced it as the present moment and when the future comes you will experience it as the present moment.

If that seems too complicated to you, don’t worry about it too much. 

So go forward with this knowledge and understand that your dream life or your desire is not something far away from you outside that you have to attract into your life. 

It is something that exists right here and now. It simply exists on a vibrationally different life line than the one you are living right now. 

So it currently exists as vibration, as potential, and what you have to do in order to manifest that potential life line into your current experience is connect with it emotionally.

So now, here is how to spark instant manifestation. 

Become grounded in the present moment. Accept what already is, be grateful for all that you already have, and set a clear intention to HAVE what you desire. 

Notice I didn’t say dream for what you want or hope to get what you want, or believe that you will get what you want. I said intend to have it. You must build that certainty that you have chosen to have the life you want and therefore it MUST be yours.

The universal law does not know how to say no to you. It literally brings you what you want like the waiter does at a restaurant. But in order to get exactly what you want, you have to build an expectancy to get it. 

But that is not what most of us do. We set big goals and dreams and on a subconscious level, we don’t actually believe that we are capable of achieving them.

In order for instant manifestation, you need that certainty that because you have chosen to have what you want, you will have it. 

This is the attitude or mindset or state of being that sparks instant manifestation. When you operate from this state of being, your intention works in a very powerful manner and that process of manifestation begins.

When you ground yourself in the now, become aware of what is, then accept what is, and then simply set an intention to have what you desire while STILL accepting what currently is, manifestation begins

Now this state is not easy to build and maintain which is why most of us cannot manifest this powerfully. And that is completely okay. It is all about the journey and getting better. 

As you continue to practice the reality transurfing principles, as you continue to raise your state of being, you will get better and better and maintaining a positive state and begin to manifest more powerfully.

You don’t need to jump up to that level right away. And don’t become overwhelmed for not being able to do so.

Simply start where you are and do your best to accept and appreciate what is. Then set the intention to have what you want and focus on your awareness on maintaining a positive state.

When you build this mindset and state of being, you will achieve the unity of heart and mind that is necessary for manifestation to occur. 

As long as you constantly neglect accepting what currently is, your mind is running off into thinking about the future and not connecting with the heart. Manifestation cannot take place this way.

But when accept what is and make a choice to have what is yours, what currently already exists in this very moment, you connect with that vibrational reality that has what you want and manifestation takes place.

Now that we have discussed how instant manifestation occurs, let me tell you a few things to note about the manifestation process.

Instant manifestation doesn’t necessarily mean that something will just poof out of nowhere into your life..although it may.

See we live in the physical world of form and we have already manifested what we have previously created through our thoughts, emotions, and expectations. And the things you have already manifested carry a momentum of their own. 

Sometimes your current life situation is so vibrationally far from what you want to manifest that its going to take some time to get there. 

So just say that you do all of these practices and don’t see great results right away. Know that just because you might not see any visible differences right away, it doesn’t mean that your desire is not manifesting. 

Instant manifestation means that the process has started. And you might experience this in the form of a lighter mood, feeling vibrationally alined, feeling excited and good about your future, and not feeling worried or scared. 

Instant manifestation always raises your state of being and that state of being is what furthers the speed of manifestation. 

So if you maintain that state of being, your dream reality or desire will manifest a lot quicker and you will become ready vibrationally to allow into your life, what you have chosen to have.

Lastly, here is the one thing that holds you back from instant manifestation.

Constantly noticing that it hasn’t come yet. Every time you notice yourself doing this, stop yourself and realize that you have again let your mind run ahead where you are and that you are again stalling your own manifestation process.

Take for example a child who plants a seed. Because the child is impatient, he keeps keeps digging in the soil to see if what he planted is growing. But the seed cannot grow into a plant this way.

When you constantly keep reminding yourself that your desire hasn’t manifested and when you keep suffering because of that, you are doing the same thing and are working against yourself.

What you are vibrationally saying to the universe is that you don’t trust that your desire will come to life. You are saying that you doubt that what you want will actually happen.

And all these are resistant beliefs fed to you by pendulums that hold back the manifestation. 

If you notice yourself doing this, it is a clear sign that you must keep working on building the intention to have. Keep focusing on your state and ground yourself back into the present moment.


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