This Reality Transurfing Idea Will Change Your Life – Alternatives Space

In this post I will show you a Reality Transurfing idea that will absolutely change your life and your perspective. – The Alternatives Space

I want to share with you one of the key components of reality transurfing and an idea that makes reality transurfing such a powerful way to live life. 

Here it is: The Alternatives Space.

Now, I have mentioned the alternatives space in a number of my previous videos/blog posts and have described what it is to you guys briefly. 

But today I want to dive more into detail and explain to you what it is because when you come to fully understand it, you can create your life from a much greater perspective. 

So what is the alternatives space? Let’s get right into it.

There’s a duality that exists in reality. There is the physical world, the world without, that we perceive through the senses. And then there is the spiritual world, the world within, that we are connected to by the heart or the soul. Both worlds are real and they cannot exist without the other. 

The physical world is the mirror of the spiritual world. Meaning that the physical, outside world will directly reflect the spiritual, internal world.

The alternatives space is what is to be found on the spiritual side of the mirror. The alternatives space is the information structure which has all the scripts of ALL possible events that have happened or could happen. 

It is the space that has everything that ever was, is, or will be.

It is stationary it exists only as potential. But it’s a structure that contains anything that could possibly take place in the physical world; an infinite number of possibilities.

That means that anything that you can think of or imagine is real and it exists in the alternatives space. Because the alternatives space has every single possible event, it contains anything you can think of.

And you can manifest anything from the alternatives space into your physical life experience because you are directly connected with the alternatives space through your heart.

The physical world simply reflects what is felt within.

So what you have to do to manifest the reality or life that you want from the alternatives space into your physical experience is connect with that life emotionally from within. 

 When you continue to do this again and again and feel the emotions that correspond to the life you want to live, then that reality starts to manifest into your life.

This is why visualization works. When you visualize your dream life and you feel the emotions you would feel if you were already living that reality, you enhance your state of being. Your internal world starts to correspond with your dream reality from the alternatives space and it starts to manifest into your physical experience. 

Now, knowing about the alternatives space is AMAZING for two reasons. 

#1: It proves to you that literally anything is possible for you.

Anything that you want or any lifestyle you want to live is absolutely possible for you to have. And it is not something that is far away and outside of you.

It is something that you have the power to connect with and create internally right here and now. And doing so will indefinitely make it reflect outwards into your physical experience.

#2: It means that you don’t have to create anything.

You don’t have to worry about creating your future. You don’t have to worry about how you will get anywhere or how you will do anything. 

The future you want so badly already exists. All you have to do is choose what life you want to live and build the will to have. Don’t dream about it, don’t hope for it, simply intend to have it and allow it into your life.

This mindset will help you get rid of the fear and doubt that comes when you’re trying to pursue your big goals and dreams. Because if you dream life is already real and it already exists, then what failure is there to be worried about?

Visualize your dream life multiple times every day. Feel the emotions that you would feel if you were already living that life. Fill your body with those emotions and connect with that reality from the alternatives space.

Continue to do this every day while taking whatever action you can towards your vision’s direction and…

You will manifest your vision into your physical experience. This is the process of manifestation.

Now if this thinking is new to you, obviously this won’t necessarily be easy and fast but it is possible for you to practice and get better at. I have been doing my best to apply it to my life and am getting better at it as well.

Just know that it is all about the journey, it is all about getting better, it is all about maintaining a positive state of being because that is what will allow you to manifest what it is that you want.


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