Riding The Wave Of Good Fortune – Create Good Luck

In this post I show you the reality transurfing idea of riding the wave of good fortune and how to create good luck.

Everything in life happens in waves.

For example, when a good thing happens, more good things come after it. When something bad happens, more bad things follow.

This is not a coincidence. There is a process at work here. Things happen in waves because two specific reasons and by understanding these two reasons, you can begin to control your own luck.

Here are the 2 reasons.

1) Your relationship to the event that just occurred.

This is important. Whatever meaning you attribute to an event is the meaning it will hold in your life going forward. Meaning if you give it a positive meaning, that event now matter how negative you thought it was at the time that it happened, WILL turn out to be positive for you going forward. But it also works the opposite way as well.

2) Momentum.

Whatever meaning you attribute to an event will create momentum in that meanings direction. So if you attribute a negative meaning to an event, you will give it a negative meaning, and that event will begin to create negative momentum in your life.

This is how waves happen. And by simply understanding this process, you can avoid the negative waves and hop on the positive waves,

Here is what you have to do:

When something happens in your life, ALWAYS attribute a positive meaning to it no matter how bad you think it is. Why should you do this?

Because every event in your life has two branches of outcomes – one is positive and one is negative. The positive one has positive events and pleasantness whereas the negative branch has negative events and misery.

When you attribute every event a positive meaning, you end up on the positive branch/life line of that event and begin to transform that event and your life positively.

Then you start to gain momentum and then the whole thing spirals and ends up creating “the wave of good fortune.”

Here’s a little secret about riding the wave of good fortune:

When something “bad” happens, completely disregard it. Don’t discuss it with people and don’t focus on it too much. Attribute a positive meaning to it, let it be and move on.

When something “good” happens, focus on it heavily. Talk to others about it, make it a big deal to yourself, and emphasize its goodness.

This will create more positive momentum and a stronger wave of good fortune.

This was just a quick post I wanted to make to get this fun little technique out to you guys.

Let me know what you think of it below.


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