Life Is a Mirror That Reflects Your Relationship To It

In this video I will you how to properly apply the mirror reality principle to your life from the reality transurfing process and see fast results.

Today I want to dive deeper into the mirror reality principle of reality transurfing and towards the end give you 3 easy ways for how you can easily apply it to your life and start seeing fast results.

Life is a mirror and it reflects your relationship to it.

Everything that you are experiencing externally is a direct reflection of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and perspective that you view your world through.

You can change your situation, your experiences, the people you come across, the opportunities that come to you…everything, once you truly understand this principle and apply it to your life.

We all live in the world and create our lives individually. Even though our lives intertwine with each other, you are responsible for creating your own individual life and I am responsible for creating mine. 

The world simply exists. It is neither good or bad, pure or evil. But throughout your experience in this world, your mind has classified certain things as good and bad and has created certain beliefs about life. Those beliefs that you have then create your life by being reflected outwards. 

This is how you create your personal layer of the world. Your layer reflects back to you what you believe about the world. Your layer of reality reflects to you, your relationship to the world.

Everything that happens in your layer of reality will confirm your beliefs to be true. For example, if you think that the world is out to get you and the world is evil and tortures people, that is exactly what you will experience in your life. You will come across people who act in a negative way and you’ll continue to see cruel things happening. 

What is worse is that when you see these things happening in your world, you will then become so convinced that those things are true and that your beliefs about the world were correct. “Yes the world is just as negative and cruel as I thought it was.”

This creates an ongoing feedback loop.

What you believe about the world is reflected externally and because you see it in your experience, you consider it as truth. This then strengthens your belief and you become even more confident in it. When your belief solidifies, it reflects out even stronger than before. This is the loop.

So in a way when people argue over if the world is good or bad, neither one of them is wrong. They are both correct because each one witnesses it as the truth in their own reality.

Now to understand this properly, let look at this Visual.

There are two parts to reality. One is internal and the other is external.

Your internal reality is your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, & perspective. Your external reality is you situations, circumstances, events, & occurrences that you come across.

The internal reality is the vital part, the real substance, the real thing. The external is the mirror reflection of the internal. It is an outward manifestation of the activity within.

The internal reality is the alternatives space which has Infinite possibilities and unlimited potential & resources. Internal reality is abundant, opulent, maleable and vast; more vast than you could imagine. The external reality is the outside world. It has limited potential, lack of resources, & opportunity. It is rigid, scarce, & difficult.

Change that comes from internal reality activates outer intention. It has the power to organize infinite number of events in external reality in order to get intended outcome. Change that is attempted through the external reality works with inner intention. It limited power, it requires a lot of hard work to get intended outcome, and many times does not even work.

Lastly, there is a delay in the reflection.

It is not like actual physical mirrors where if you put your arm up, you see your arm go up right away. Your current limiting beliefs have a momentum of their own and they will continue to reflect back to you until you replace them with new positive beliefs. 

So just say you try to change your perspective and beliefs, you won’t see them reflected in your external world right away. But this is where you must stay patient and persistent. 

You must keep the knowledge in the back of your mind, that if you do the internal work and make your internal reality beautiful, abundant, and pleasant, it will surely reflect in your external world eventually.

So now you can see that if you try to change things externally, you are not tackling things at the source or at root level. Instead, what you are doing is playing around with the effects of the situation while completely ignoring the cause.

This is why most people have a difficult time changing things about their lives. They only play around with the effects outside which might create temporary change but it never transforms because the problem still exists at root level.

Think about it this way. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, does it help if you try to change something in the mirror?

Well, It might. You might take the mirror somewhere with better lighting or tilt it in a way that makes you look better, but all those effects are going to be temporary.

But in order to actually change what you see in the mirror, you need to change the image that is being reflected. You need to start influencing all change in your life from within.

You need to reverse the feedback loop not by trying to change the reflection, but instead but changing the very thing that is being reflected. 

Here are 3 ways you can practice this principle in your life easily.

#1: Change your relationship to your world.

Stop struggling against what you see in the mirror. Every time anything happens, act positive, doesn’t matter how bad you might think it be for you.

Go forward with the knowledge that what you are experiencing outside is a reflection of one of your beliefs inside. And that you can change what is happening outside by changing the way you feel about what is happening right now.

#2: Start to build more positive, empowering beliefs.

Create a statement for yourself. For example, throughout your day, whatever you are doing, say to yourself, “my world loves me,” or “my world always takes care of me no matter what.”

Form the belief that within your layer of reality, you are always taken care of. It does’t matter what is going on outside your layer of reality. That is not yours to worry about. Just maintain the belief that in your layer of reality, you are always taken care of; you are always looked after; you are always achieving things with ease. 

You’ll see that with time, these beliefs will prove themselves to be correct and then you will gain even more confidence in them.

#3: Control the stream of your thoughts.

Your new job is to think only of the positive things that you want, NOT of the negative things you do not want.

If you continue to go in front of the mirror and say, “I’m ugly” or “I am fat” the mirror will look back at you and tell you exactly that. Yes darling, you are unattractive, and that you have gained a lot of weight. 

Stop focusing on your negative qualities. Instead, start thinking about what positive qualities you want to build. Focus on those positive images only while disregarding what already is and you’ll see that the reflection in the mirror will start to change slowly but surely.

In the book, Vadim Zeland actually discusses how we all come into this world beautiful. If you look at children, most of them are attractive and cute. 

But the children who are self critical and have beliefs that they are ugly start to literally shape their reality to confirm those beliefs. Those kids constantly shape their appearance throughout their lives and grow up to be unattractive. 

Meanwhile the children who always admired their looks shape their reality and grow to be more and more attractive. 

Again, your beliefs doesn’t matter what they are will be reflected back to you.

When they are reflected back to you, you will start to hold them as truth and this will make your beliefs even stronger. And then they will be reflected back to you even stronger. This is the ongoing feedback loop.

You cannot escape this feedback loop and don’t worry you don’t even need to. All you need to do is feed positive beliefs into the feedback loop. Change what is being reflected in the mirror and the loop will become positive and serve you in a positive way. This is how you create a pleasant, positive layer of reality for yourself.


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