How To Solve Your Problems – Reality Transurfing Perspective

In this post I will show you how to properly solve your problems through the reality transurfing perspective of life.

I will show you something that will shift your perspective allowing you to create a much better life for yourself with a lot more ease.

Here it is:

Start to look at your surroundings as a part of yourself.

Everything is your creation. Everything that is happening to you is an outward manifestation of your internal reality. It is something that you have created yourself.

When something hurts you or challenges you, it is a part of yourself signaling to you that it needs to heal. So care for it with love and understanding rather than retaliating and treating it with negativity.

When you hurt yourself physically, how do you treat yourself? You treat your personal wounds with love and care correct?

If you treated your physical wounds without the proper care, they would take significantly longer to heal and sometimes would not even heal.

“Bad” situations in your life are also wounds that you must handle with absolute love and care regardless of how they make you feel.

That is also why forgiveness is widely preached. They never tell you the reason behind this; well today that’s what I want to tell you.

This is the reason.

By forgiving, you aren’t forgiving another person. You are forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to heal with love.

It’s crazy that we just go though our entire lives without ever thinking what problems really are. Why do some people have little problems and why do some people have more?

Have we really started to think that problems are normal and that life itself is defined by problems? No. Problems only exist to teach you things about yourself.

They are only an outward reflection of what you have inside and each problem is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and heal a part of yourself.


When you come across a problem or a person that hurts you in any way, treat them with love, care, and compassion. Allow them time to heal and they will naturally fade out of your life or stop bothering you.


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