Achieve Unity Of Heart And Mind For Faster Manifestation

In this video I will show you how to achieve unity of heart and mind for faster manifestation.

Why is unity of heart and mind important?

It’s important because the moment there is unity of heart and mind, manifestation occurs. Unity of heart and mind enables you to materialize something from the alternatives space into your physical experience.

In reality, because we have the power to create our life and shape our reality, getting what we want is not supposed to be difficult.

This is how things are supposed to work for human beings: Our heart desires something, we produce an intention to have that thing, and we get the intended thing. That is how simple it is supposed to be.

But it has become this way because we have forgotten our natural state as human beings.

We have been socially conditioned since birth and pendulums have conditioned us to actually believe in the limits of life rather than its possibilities.

So when your heart desires something, your mind creates a thousand reasons for why that desire isn’t possible. The mind uses reason and logic to justify that you can never make enough money for a Ferrari or to go on vacation. 

It is the heart’s nature to want things but the heart doesn’t know any such thing as logic. It understands everything literally. It doesn’t know any such thing as money it just wants the experience of a vacation or a Ferrari. 

Because most of us live a life that is so dominated by the mind, the unity of heart and mind rarely occurs and therefore, the manifestation of our desires rarely occurs.

But if the mind just agreed to the heart’s desire, the world would meet you half way and it’s manifestation process would start.

If you are familiar with the law of attraction teachings, unity of heart and mind is what is referred to as alignment with source. It is what starts bridging the vibrational gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. 

When you achieve this state of alignment frequently, you are enabling the manifestation to happen. It is a state of NO resistance. 

Manifestation of anything is possible because the heart and mind together are capable of anything.

That is why there are some people who are living extraordinary lives. It’s because they are able to achieve this unity frequently as compared to others who cannot.

The mind tries to force the world to change through inner intention. Inner intention is your personal intention your personal will and is limited in power. This is how most people achieve success and it requires a lot of time and hard work and effort.

Whereas when there is unity of heart and mind, outer intention is activated.

Outer intention is the will of god or the universe. It is a powerful force through which literally anything is possible.

And instead of you having to force a change in the world through your will, outer intention makes the world change itself to accommodate your needs and meet you halfway.

I’m not saying that something will poof into existence right in front of you. I’m saying that your world will start to orchestrate events and people around you to get you to your desire with the least amount of resistance as possible.

This is the difference between people who achieve success through a lot of hard work and effort and ones who achieve great successes with effortless ease.

It is just the question of alignment and cruising your way through or being tangled up in the mind creating a million obstacles out of nothing. It’s just a question of outer intention or inner intention.

This magical power of outer intention is ONLY possible with unity of heart and mind.

It’s something that is generally difficult for humans to achieve because we give too much power to the mind to control our lives. Our mind is constantly running and becoming hooked on pendulums and is always ignoring the subtle messages from the heart.

The mind thinks, the heart feels. That’s why it’s easier to listen to the mind because the feelings are easily ignored and often misinterpreted. But it’s also detrimental to your own wellbeing because the mind is controlled by pendulums and gets your life all tangled up in conflict. 

The mind treats the heart like a child. It says I know better than you what needs to be done. So because of this, unity of heart and mind is rarely achieved. 

Your mind is not connected to the alternatives space so it cannot know how you will achieve what you want to achieve. Only the heart is connected to the alternatives space and it knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to go. 

Your heart cannot manifest alone, it needs the mind to agree. So it is always trying to speak to the mind through feeling and intuition and signaling to it what it wants but it is often ignored.

Your mind is constantly justifying to your heart why its not practical to achieve what you want.

But it’s funny because only when the mind acknowledges the heart and agrees is when the mind satisfy its motives too. Otherwise it will just go round and round and accomplish absolutely nothing. 

So how can you achieve unity of heart and mind? The most important condition is allowing yourself to have what you desire. 

You can allow this in a couple of ways.

1: Pursue your feelings.

Whenever you are making decisions, always trust your gut feeling. Those are feelings coming from the heart which knows what you want and how to get you there. Don’t ignore those feelings. 

Your heart is not capable of wanting anything that is bad for you so how you feel about something is always accurate. Always trust your feelings over your thoughts.

2: Instead of letting your mind dictate what you can or cannot have, let your heart decide.

Stop justifying why you cannot have something and stop letting your mind get in the way of your manifestation. Stop worrying about how things will happen and start trusting that they will.

Instead of thinking and worrying about how things will happen, give your mind a new job. It’s new job is to try to notice what the heart is feeling and urging it to do.

It’s new job is to notice when it starts to think too much and then readjust itself and tell itself that everything is going according to plan. 

3: When you think of your goals, reduce the importance that you attribute to them.

This means stop thinking they’re so crazy for you to achieve and unattainable. Likewise stop thinking that you don’t have what it takes to achieve them.

4: Make sure what you want is actually your true desire.

There will never be unity of heart and mind if you are chasing goals that pendulums have fooled your mind into chasing. In order to achieve unity of heart and mind you need to pursue your hearts true desires.

So ask yourself, is what you want your hearts true desire? Or do you just want what others around you have or what society has made you believe you should have at this point in your life?

As long as you keep chasing false goals, you will either achieve nothing or you will achieve it through a lot of hard work only to still be unhappy and unfulfilled.


See in all reality, you’re right when you say that rationally it’s hard to achieve you goals and dreams. But that’s because so far in your life you have been trying to force a change in this world brought inner intention. 

Now that you have the knowledge of this powerful magical outer intention, you no longer have to do that. You have infinite resources at your command.

You are no longer trying to force the world to do anything because when you achieve the state of unity of heart and mind the world itself will meet you halfway and coordinate everything to get you what you want. 


June 3, 2018

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