Spiritual Vs. Physical – What’s Better?

Spiritual vs. physical. What is better, what is more powerful, and where should you focus more? That is exactly what I will be answering in this post.

I get asked this quite often because most of the things I talk about are spiritual principles. 

So what do I believe is more important? Here is my answer. 

Both. They are both equally important because they cannot exist without the other.

This is something that is so crucial but so many people miss. You have to understand that theres a duality that exists. 

Duality meaning they are just two sides of the same thing but they cannot exist without the other.

For example, light and dark, hot and cold, and silence and sound.

Think about it, if there was no such thing as the dark and there was only light, then we wouldn’t know any such thing as light because thats all there ever would be. 

Same thing with the cold. That would just be the natural state if there was no such thing as hot. 

See you mind can only ever comprehend anything though comparison.

Whenever you define something you also define its opposite. 

And this is where human beings go wrong very often. When they define something as good or bad, they become identified with it and automatically consider the opposite bad.

And this is the exact mistake I see many people make when they discover spirituality. In fact I made this mistake myself.

When I discovered spirituality I became obsessed with it and started to disregard the physical world.

But I noticed it wasn’t very effective. And if you do this you will notice the very same thing.

This is because you need a balance of both. If you lean heavily towards one side you will just work against yourself.

So if you want to practice spirituality and grow spiritually, realize that you don’t have to abandon your goals and material desires and just meditate all day.

You can still want material things and achieve material success and at the same time be a spiritual person.

On the other hand, if you heavily favor science and materialism and the physical world, it goes the same way for you.

Achieving your goals and living a happy fulfilled life will become a lot easier for you if you begin to practice spiritual principles in your life.


Like anything else in life, you should strive for a proper balance between the two. If you intertwine each aspect(spiritual and physical), you will live a happy, fulfilled, and fun life.

But if you are extreme towards one side, the other side will be neglected and problems will surely come up that you will suffer. You will eventually have to face the side you neglect.


June 5, 2018

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